Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 7th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 7th March 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 7th March 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Adi and Pankhudi talking about Anisha maasi. Payal says, we will go to search for Anisha Dadiji. Pankhudi says, we will go to the valley. Adi and Rubel follow them. Sheela says, house is looking lonely without kids. She thinks to call Avantika. Avantika comes. Sheela gets happy. She tells her that kids are not at home. Avantika says, I need your help. Sheela is excited. Avantika says, you are a member of Saas Bachao Group naa. She tells about the administrator harassing the ashram women. She asks her to go and cross check. Sheela says, I will go there and enquire. Avantika thanks her. Sheela asks her to forgive her. Avantika says, I will leave.

Pankhudi takes Payal’s photos. Payal says, it is not good. Pankhudi says, it is cute. She looks at Varun in

the photo and turns him. They wonder what he is doing here. They go to him but he already left the place. Rubel and Adi comes and says lets go to bubble. Pankhudi doesn’t tell him about Varun. Pankhudi and Payal get tensed about Varun. She thinks to meet Varun. Pankhudi says, I was worried about Payal. Adi asks Payal to hold Rubel lightly.

Sheela comes to Anuj and shouts with happiness. Anuj asks, is everything fine? Sheela asks him to guess her happiness. She tells him that Avantika came to her and seek help. Anuj asks her to tell why Avantika came.

Varun calls Amrita and says I want to live alone. Amrita asks him to come. Varun says, I don’t want to marry. Amrita asks him to call Kaira. Varun says, I don’t want to play with her emotions. Varun says okay. Pankhudi calls Varun. Varun picks the call. Varun says, everything is fine in Chennai. Pankhudi is shocked. He asks, why did you call me? Pankhudi says nothing. She tells Payal that he lied to her. Payal says, shall we tell Adi and Rubel. Pankhudi says no, not now. We have to know the reason behind his lie. Adi and Rubel come there.

Preeti comes to meet the lady. She asks her to work for her hospital. Preeti says, I will get back to you. It is shown as it is Vikram’s plan. Vikram asks that lady to behaves as a boss to Preeti. Varun calls Kaira. Kaira says, I am going for naturopathy to Kerala. She hears some background music. Varun disconnects the call. Adi, Pankhudi, Rubel and Payal pass from there but doesn’t see Varun. Kaira calls Adi and hears the same music. She tells Adi about it. Adi says, he might be listening to Carnatic music. Payal and Pankhudi excuse themselves. They see the lady with whom Varun was talking. She says, he asked me the directions.

Sameer asks her to take the opportunity. Preeti says, but why me. It is looking strange. Sameer convinces her to say yes. Payal and Pankhudi come to Varun. He is surprised. Payal says, why did you lied? Pankhudi asks Payal to calm down. Pankhudi asks, what is all this? This is your and Kaira’s life? Varun says, my brother didn’t know that I am here. Don’t tell him. Pankhudi asks him to tell the truth. Payal asks him to say the truth. Pankhudi asks, are you happy with this marriage. Varun says no.

Adi and Rubel come to one lady and asks if she is Indian? She says yes. They tell her that they are searching for James Waterson. The lady most probably is Anisha, looks puzzled.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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