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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 7th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi and Ayesha leaving from Arif’s house. Nafisa tells Arif that he did not do this right, and she will find proof against him. Jackie says he has passed this news to women organization. Adi and Ayesha see the magazines on the road being sold and the man shows it to everyone saying she is the woman. Adi gets angry. Ayesha hides her face being embarrassed. The people gather and take Ayesha’s pic. Ayesha croes. Adi leaves. Rubel comes to Payal and asks whats wrong with her, how can she make it an issue, its difficult for Ayesha. She asks why is he worried for her. Rubel says don’t take everything personal. She says I hate Nafisa and her family. He says whats Ayesha’s mistake, Harish brought her and we all are responsible.

Payal says they have to leave from here

tomorrow. Rubel gets annoyed. Adi and Ayesha are on the way. Ayesha cries after losing her respect. Adi says we have to get justice, you can’t break down like this. She cries. He says I m with you and she hugs him. Sheela says I will give just come day to Ayesha, if she does not go from here, then I will leave his house. Shanky comes and says some women came and is protesting. The women say Pankhudi Kumar Haye Haye. Harish says calm down, let us explain.

The women make it an issue for his bahu wearing vulgar clothes. Nilofer says talk to me, she is my daughter. Nani takes her inside. Harish says the pics are morphed. The women say she has made fun of our culture, we can’t bear this. Adi and Ayesha come in. Adi gets angry seeing Pankhudi’s name defamed. He stops them and the ladies scold Ayesha. Adi says one min and says I won’t hear a word against Pankhudi. Sheela says she is not Pankhudi, but Ayesha.

The women say don’t fool us. Adi says the pics are morphed. They ask the proof. Anuj says we are finding, we need time. They don’t believe them and asks Pankhudi to apologize infront of media. Anuj says give us one day time. Harish requests too and says till this time, don’t give any statement to media. They agree and leave. Anuj says Ayesha and her family is our responsibility. He asks Nafisa to take Ayesha to the room. Adi thinks how to get the proof, he will save Ayesha’s respect whatever happens. Its night, Ayesha is upset. Nilofer scolds Ayesha and asks why did she do this. Ayesha cries.

Ayesha hugs Nafisa and asks how can Arif do this with her. Nafisa cries too and thinks I m not culprit, I went to Arif to take his help, I ruined your life. Adi talks to Pankhudi’s pic and hugs it. Nafisa asks why did Ayesha go back to Arif. Ayesha thinks she won’t tell she loves Adi. Nafisa thinks how to find out. Its morning, Adi talks to Nani. She asks him to find out everything and get the proof. Sheela says she will kick them out today. Ayesha waits for Adi. Adi comes to Ayesha and says we will go to magazine editor office. Nilofer blesses Ayesha to prove herself innocent. Adi says its my responsibility to prove her innocent. Nilofer thanks her and says you are responsible for all this.

Adi says I promise I won’t let her life get ruined. Sheela says why are you all supporting Ayesha, she did not help us and is posing problems for her. Nani says we will deal with her. Sheela says I managed this house since 30years and you can’t take over like this. Nani is shocked. Sheela says we should think about Adi remarrying. Nani says we have to stand by Ayesha. Adi tells Ayesha that he won’t let anything happen to her. Payal says I don’t understand why is everyone protective about Ayesha. Sheela says yes, Nani the most. Payal says Nani is trying to get hold of this family, the fact is we are the bahus. Sheela says you are right. Don’t worry, what happened with me, I won’t let that happen with you. Adi and Ayesha meet the editor.

Nilofer talks to Harish. Adi and Ayesha come back and look upset.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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