Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 7th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 7th February 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 7th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Sheela demanding the partition of the Deewan Mansion. Adi and Rubel intervene and says how could you do this? How could you break Nanu’s dream. Sheela says, I asked because Avantika said she will pay me. Anuj says, Deewan empire can’t be divided. Avantika says, Sheela’s demand will be fulfilled in 3 hours. This property and house will be divided in 3 hours. She asks Preeti to go to her home and get whatever she got from this house. She asks Pankhudi to get her mom’s jewellery. She asks Harish to call the lawyer. And asks Adi to get the papers. She says, We will not have any relation with Dad’s son Anuj and his family from now on. I want us to be seperated that we can’t meet even in dreams. Pankhudi asks Avantika not to take the decision.

Preeti says, it is about the self respect. Rubel says, you need to do something. There will be IPO meeting soon, and we are fighting now. Anuj says, let’s partition happen. He tells Sheela that you didn’t leave me to stand infront of my Dad’s photo. Adi asks Harish to stop Avantika. Harish says, what she will do then. It is about our self respect and I am with my wife’s decision. Sheela asks Adi to stop his drama. Avantika shouts at Sheela and asks her to not to talk against Adi or Harish. She says I swear I won’t spare you. They go to different ways. Padma, Anu and Mangal are happy and follow Sheela. Shanky tells Adi not to stop the partition and cries.

Rubel tells Adi, what to do now? Adi says, I will not allow the partition of Nanu’s house to happen. Avantika and Preeti look at the house after leaving the house. Preeti says, how could Sheela talk so cheaply. Agreed that Anuj bhaiyya did a lot of hard work. Avantika asks her to get her stuff from her home. Mangal says, what Avantika wants to say to Sheela. Anu says, Pankhudi said that she has some proof. Padma says, we have to do the partition soon. Mangal agrees.

Payal says, why you didn’t show to Mom. Adi says, we can’t prove that Anu published the news. Kaira says, who might have given the news written in Pankhudi’s writing. Adi thinks to meet the editor. Payal says, what will be our first step. Adi gets a message from a social networking site. Adi thinks to check Anu’s personal details on the site. Avantika asks the lawyer to reach the Deewan Mansion. Harish asks her to relax. Avantika says, thankfully I am independent and feels pity on Sheela’s thinking. She says, it is not about property, it is about my right. Adi and others check on the site and opines that the newspaper editor is Anu’s friend. Payal thinks to check Anu’s mobile for proofs.

Rubel says, we should go to his office. Pankhudi says, we should know who is the other person helping Anu. Kaira says, Dad and Bua got the phone call at the same time from some lady. Rubel says she is some outsider. Anu talks with Latika on phone and asks, how you gave the papers to Sheela. Latika says, I called her and said that I have proofs and she reached me in 15 mins. Flashback is shown. Latika says, I will see how the partition doesn’t happen. Payal says, we have to check Anu’s mobile. Rubel says, we will go to the newspaper office. Payal says, We will check her phone. Pankhudi asks Adi, we will stop the partition naa? Adi says, yes. Sheela collects the things and displays in the room. Padma badmouths against Avantika. Kaira comes and asks Anuj to do something. Padma says, Sheela is doing for your betterment. Kaira asks her to be away. Sheela asks her to apologize her. Kaira says I won’t. Sheela says, I am securing your life. Kaira says, I don’t want this secured life. I have two brothers and always be….

Payal and Pankhudi come to Anu and see her eating apple. Payal thinks to teach her a lesson. Pankhudi asks her to do a rehearsel once more. Sheela asks Mangal, am I doing the right thing? Padma says yes and manipulates her. Padma sees a pair of bangles and tells Sheela that she will keep it safe. Sheela says, no and takes it back from her.

Govardhan says, Adi might be hiding something from him. He thinks to call Adi. Kamini asks him to call Pankhudi. Govardhan says, I will talk to Adi and suspects Sheela’s hand in the problems. Kamini says, why you are blaming my Sheelu. Govardhan says, Mangal and Padma are there and suspects something is suspicious.

Peon asks Adi and Rubel to wait for the editor for something. Adi and Rubel enter his cabin and says we know who is giving you false information about our family. We have IPO release today. And says we are ready for compromise. Editor agrees for the compromise and asks them to arrange money. Adi slaps him hard. And asks, how dare you published the false news of our family.


Pankhudi says, she can do anything to protect Nanu’s dream. Padma asks her to give her place to her daughter Anu in Adi’s life. Pankhudi is stunned.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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