Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 7th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 7th February 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 7th February 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Adi telling Pankhuri to come in the Terrace, Pankhuri smilis and says she will think
Avantika is surprised what Anuj was so silent!!

In the terrace ..

Adi waiting for Pankhuri, Pankhuri comes and asks what he wanted to say since morning ? *Adi teases her* and say nothing, you must misunderstood me, I didn’t want to tell you something
Pankhuri about to g but Adi holds her hand and pull her closer to him

Adi at her for a minute then kiss her forehead, Pankhuri blushes and smiles, Adi stare at her, both have an eye-lock then finally HUG eachother <3 In the BG " Roz hame mil ke bhi, Milne ki aas rahe Roz mithe pyaas koyi, aur koyi pyaas rahe Dil Deewana pukaara, pyar ka dard hai Meetha Meetha Pyara Pyara " In the end .. Adi

thank her for giving him the biggest happiness of this world!! Latika and Rubel in the car .. Rubel tells her how Avantika stopped Pankhuri at the last moment and accepted her, Latika says she has hot more support now, Rubel says not for long from tomorrow their days will end and my golden ones will start :/ 0_o Come to Adi’s room .. Adi asks Pankhuri in which side she wants to sleep ( in the bed, he putted some pillows in the middle of it ) choose anyone you want!! Pankhuri feel a bit awkward and select the nearer side of her.. Adi tells Pankhuri to sit and ask her if she is ok !! *both were blushing and quite shy* Pankhuri says Adi I am ok and thank him for whatever he has done!! And says their relationship will develop once we both are ready for it both say goodnight .. Adi goes to cover her with the blanket, he stare at her for a moment and smiles!! When he was about to go Pankhuri hold his hand and thank him again ( PKDH song in the BG ) then Adi go to his side of the bed Pankhuri blushes and smile while Adi was looking at her … In the morning .. Avantika is talking to someone from the office about a project she tell to ask Adi, because he is handling it!! Meanwhile Anju, Sheela and Rubel enter her room, Anuj says he wanna discuss something really important, Sheela says ( Acting ) happiness found this family after a long time why you wanna ruin it ?? U can talk about IT in another time … Anuj stops her and shouts that he will speak tonight Avantika Asks what’s the matter ?? Anuj says he and his family with leave this house, he thinks he should made this decision long ago!! He says the place where i and my wife get insulted!! My son don’t get his rights!! What’s the Benefit of staying there!! He says this family always do blame us especially Sheela for every problem just like yesterday!! It’s ENOUGH! I can’t handle this anymore !! Avantika says I don’t understand why you wanna leave this house ?? This huge is also yours and after all these years when finally we are happy, you wanna leave ?? Dad ( Nanu ) will get really hurt by this!! Anuj says I know, but we will suffer always by living here, leaving is better than long-live suffer!! Avantika says let’s try to solve this!! I don’t want this matter to go further!! What do you want ?? I am asking coz I don’t want tension in this family again … And u know me I don’t get my commitment back … Whatever u want it will be done .. Anuj says okey if you say so … Then I come to the point … I want the decision power that you have in The Company, which by law it should be my right!! Not only business matter also this house’s decisions making will be my right!!! ( Anuj is just talking like Sheela ) Avantika shocked knowing this demand!! Anuj says I am sorry talking to you this way but I can’t suffer anymore!!! I understand its hard for you but this is my condition!!! Avantika says after many years … Finally dad’s dream of the united family has just come true .. And you wanna leave ?! Why suddenly this decision ?? Anuj about to leave but Avantika stops him and tell him OK!! If you wanna stop only on this condition then ok I agree with it, I can do anything for this family’s happiness, from now on I give you the right of making all the decisions be it in this house or for the company … Rubel interfaces asking how can we believe you Aunty ?? Avantika says fine, you want proves so make the papers ready!! Anuj says the papers are ready, just sign them now!!! Avantika about to sign but Pankhuri stops her “Stop Mom, I have heared everything, you don’t need to fulfill their demands” Rubel and Sheela seems worried!! Rubel shouts on Pankhuri not to intefare in this matter, Pankhuri even shouts I will interfere.. Pankhuri turn to Avantika and tell her she know what is better for the family but this is wrong because you are being forced!! Anuj says why you don’t say straight forward .. You are worried Adi will loose his his power, Rubel says you also will don’t have any wealth and power for which you have married Adi, right ?? Avantika shouts “Mind your language Rubel” Pankhuri relax Avantika and tell her that I don’t need to react on any of their matters, she says from the first day I knew you ( Rubel ) you were always wrong, I thought I should give one more chance but NO, you proved you are always wrong, so I don’t need to give you any explanation!! Sheela trying to be nice and says yeah Rubel .. You should behave yourself she is your bhabhi :/ Pankhuri says Rubel should be in his limits, Anuj interfaces saying who are you to talk about limits!! Avantika stops Anuj saying its ENOUGH!! I am silent if doesn’t mean you will insult my Daughter-in-law and I will stay mum!! Sheela surprised seeing this much love from Avantika towards Pankhuri!! Anuj says sorry I am talking to you daughter-in-law like this .. But she has forced me to say this!! Plus she is NOT this family’s bahu .. She is Harish’s bahu and you know that!! Pankhuri says to Avantika you don’t need to listen to them and sign those papers please .. Avantika says Don’t worry dear, I am giving them the money and property which we can earn them again , in sake of this family’s happiness .. I have to do this … Avantiak goes to Anuj with her usual looks saying you didn’t need to tell me that, but one thing you should know that a son and a daughter have the same right from their fathers property!! Mine, Preeti’s and our children have the same part as you think you and your child has!! BUT STILL I am signing the papers !! But in one condition that my son and my daughter-in-law will stay in this house and NO ONE will tell them to leave from here.. Anuj says OK I agree but make Adi and Pankhuri understand that they have to follow whatever I rather we decide!! -_- … And from now on whatever I want it will happen!!! Avantika is signing the papers Pankhuri trying to stop her but she doesn’t !!! Avantika sigh those property papers!!! Sheela is happy Episode ends … Precap .. Avantika leaving … Nana asks what’s the matter?! Anuj says she left the rights she doesn’t deserve to have !! She gave us the disicion making power of this house and company !!

Update Credit to: f.s.m

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