Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 6th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 6th May 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 6th May 2013 Written Update

Manan goes respectfully to Nanu, Thanks him for the hospitality and appreciates their generosity.. He seeks their permission to leave for his research ..Latika looks surprised and questions Manan about his decision to prepone his departure. Shiela looks like a fish out of waters as Kaira drops a bomb that she to will accompany Manan..

The ever Virtuous Pankhudi quickly has a Laser light moment, she quickly points to the fact that Manan is new to the country and requires a Guide to help him out ..She turns to Anuj and asks whether any guide can be arranged, Anuj looking like a father clutching at straws , tries to be a protective father..He quickly picks on the hint and agrees to get a guide but nothing shall deter Shiela’s daughter as she is fixated on going with Manan.


senses a golden opportunity to get herself in the good books of Shiela and springs up her reception party idea .. She states that Manan and kaira should delay the trip by at least 2 days. The deed is done .. Shiela and Latika resolve to expose Pankhudi to Adi in the engagement party fully realizing that this might be the last chance..

Latika also promises Shiela that she will separate Manan and Kaira .

Latika goes to Kaira’s room and fills her ears against Pankhudi ..The words have been pooh poohed for now but the words are out and into Kaira’s mind.

KUMAR’s House

Harish is playing crossword puzzle, Adi helps him out with Clue and also urges Harish to go for his checkup.


Rubal issues a personal invitation to his office colleagues and pointedly tells Adi to come for the reception.. Ad i flatly refuses to come and rejects his invite…There starts a Tu-Tu _Main -Main with Adi challenging Rubal to throw him out of the house , Rubal maintains his form and turns coward ..

Pankhudi is arranging the decor for the reception when Latika comes in acting all mistressy of the house and trying to put down Pankhudi ..but Nanu comes and warns off Latika..

Adi is informing his family about the upcoming reception party saying that they should not be going and that none ought to go , Avantika replies that Harish and herself will be heading o Chennai to consult a world renowned Doc to get a second opinion ..Adi is concerned but his fears is quickly allayed .. Adi expresses his relief , thinks aloud n says that with them not here , Pankhudi too has no reasons to attend either.


Kaira calls up Manan as he is not in Dewan’s mansion..Manan answer the phone and informs her that he is in the outskirts , Manan ends the call, turns to see a Shady looking man approaching him, He hands over a package.. while Manan pays him after smelling it ..

Adi is getting ready for his office and is about to leave ..but he has not forgotten his morning ritual to kiss his wife, He leans forward to kiss Pankhudi when he sees his mom standing behind, Avantika gives an impish smile, closes her eyes and waves him to continue, Undaunted and like a dutiful son.. Adi gives a peck on Pankhudi’s cheek, and also plants another one on the other side, informs nonchalantly that Mom was there and leaves..

Adi leaves for the office, Avantika comes in, teases Pankhudi a bit , turns serious and says that she is worried about how Pankhudi will manage the deception ..Pankhudi assures her that she will take care of everything.. Avantika reposes her trust and both part on mutual note of admiration.


Naman and Neha’s.. we will leave the house – No, we will not desert your parents continues with no solution in sight.


Rubal sanctions a loan that Adi had sought but states that Adi must attend the reception party as a condition for the loan

Update Credit to: Tanthya

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