Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 6th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 6th March 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 6th March 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Adi and Pankhudi asking James Waterson about his wife. He says, my wife’s name is not Anisha. He says, I hope you have a good time in Australia. Rubel and Payal come there. Adi asks, Payal and Pankhudi say that they came to see the aquarium. Rubel comes to James Waterson. He says, my wife’s name is stella and she is from Australia. Rubel says thanks. Pankhudi says, we have to be careful. Rubel says, James reacted as if someone asked the same question with him. Adi says, did anyone see the lovely husband before. Pankhudi says, give your credit card. Payal asks the credit card. Pankhudi says, we will go on a shopping for Kaira. Payal says, let’s go to hotel. We will change.

Ambika tells Vikram about Preeti’s store being burnt. Vikram says, I don’t

understand how they will cover the loss. Adi says, it was a good idea to change the clothes. Rubel says, we will wait here. You go and shop. Payal says, then who will hold our shopping bags. Adi says, I will come. Rubel says, wait here. Adi says, it will be fun. Rubel says, I will wait here. Adi goes for shopping with Payal and Pankhudi.

Harish says, Preeti worked hard for the shop. Mr. Singh calls Avantika and says Ashram administers troubles the women living in Ashram. Avantika says, I will see. She tells Harish that the case is getting complicated day by day. Harish says, I have an idea. He asks Sheela and her Saas Bachao group’s help. Harish says, Sheela bhabhi can help. Avantika says, this will work if you tell her. Adi is tired of holding the shopping bags of the girls. Rubel says, I should get for Kaira also. Payal says, you should learn with Adi. Adi says, I don’t have any option naa. Pankhudi says, we have shopped so many things for Kaira. She will be happy..

Rubel gets emotional with the thought that Kaira will be leaving after marriage. Adi says, things are like this. Rubel says, I never cared for her but I am feeling I should have pamper her. Adi says, we will ask Varun to do it. Rubel says, my sister is the world’s best sister. If Varun ever make her cry then I will take his life. Adi says, no one can trouble her. She has the world’s best brothers. Pankhudi asks them to think good. Rubel says, we will go and meet my friend. Adi says okay.

Adi says, we will go to next James Waterson. Rubel and Payal also go to meet him. Nirmala comes to Preeti and asks her to eat something. Preeti says, I am sorry for hurting you. Nirmala says it is okay. Preeti gets a call from the company and says my boss wants to hire you for the project. Preeti says, okay. She asks her to come for the meeting.

Adi and Pankhudi see Payal and Rubel there. Adi says, they came to see the Melbourne cricket ground. Rubel says, my friend works here. James Waterson. They are shocked that they are searching for Anisha together. Someone comes and says he died. Adi says, he is not James Waterson. Rubel says, why you hide with us. Adi asks, why you hide it. Payal says, we don’t want to spoil your honeymoon. Pankhudi says, 2 spots are out so we have to search in the other two spots. Rubel says, we will search together. Adi says, it is the cricket ground of Shane Warne.

They are happy to see the cricket ground. Rubel says, Payal likes cricket match. Payal says, she is cricket fan. Adi says, we will come here for the finals match. Payal and Adi ask cricket questions to Rubel and Pankhudi. They are blank. Pankhudi says, I know your connection with cricket. Rubel says, I know you are Virat Kohli’s fan. I see you when you are glued to match. They hug each other. Adi says, Nanu also liked cricket and tennis. He reminiscences Nanu. Pankhudi says, Anisha nani will be happy. Rubel says, why Dadaji didn’t have any contact with Anisha?

Payal says, you didn’t click good photos. She shows the photos to Pankhudi. Pankhudi sees Varun in one of the photos. They turn and see him with a girl. They are shocked.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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