Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 6th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 6th February 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 6th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Sheela and Avantika argumenting with each other. Sheela asks her, where my family stand in your family. Adi intervenes but is stopped by Avantika and Sheela. Sheela says, I have a problem with your son and you. I am the owner of this house and you are acting as a owner. How dare you asking my bhaiyya and bhabhi to leave. She says, I have enough of my nanand. This Deewan Mansion belongs to Anuj and Sheela Deewan. Anuj asks him to shut up and go to the room. Avantika says, let me speak. This Deewan Mansion is my Dad’s home. Preeti and I have the same right as you. Sheela says, this house belongs to me and Rubel after Dad’s death. Adi interferes but is stopped by Sheela. Avantika says, why you repeat the old things again and again. I left my husband’s

home and gave my day and night to the Deewan Group. Dad made me MD of the company, what was my fault in that. Sheela says, you could have refused. Sheela says, you have snatched the business. Avantika asks, you would have told me then if you have any problem with us. You kept us away from Rubel, Kaira and Anuj bhaiyya. Avantika blames Sheela for Rubel’s misdoings in the past. Rubel asks her to stop it. Adi says, I can’t hear it any longer. Sheela says, this is not your position. It is my son’s right. Pankhudi asks her to listen to her. Sheela blames Pankhudi’s family.

Avantika says, we came to tell the truth but you are not in a mood to listen. Preeti says, her thinking is so bad and narrow minded. Sheela taunts Preeti for Avantika and Hairish break up in the past. Anuj tries to slap Sheela but Adi stops him. Sheela asks him to beat her. She says, why don’t you understand, your dream can’t be true if you trusts your sisters. Sheela says, don’t try to become owner. Avantika says, you took unjustified promises from my son. Avantika says, Sheela bhabhi took promised from Adi to make Rubel MD of the company. Adi tries to stop her but in vain. That’s why Adi behaved irresponsibly. Sheela asks Adi, you told your mom and taunts him. Anuj asks, how could you do this? Sheela says, what did I do. Rubel is the rightful owner of the company. Avantika says, it was Anuj’s decision to make Adi MD of the company. Rubel interferes and supports Adi. Sheela says, Adi got more love and right than Rubel. Adi says, your point of view is not right. Preeti asks her to end the matter. Kaira and Rubel say that they don’t need anything.

Rubel says sorry to Avantika and asks him not to take it seriously. Sheela applauds for Rubel and says he is my son. Anuj says no one will leave until Sheela apologizes to everyone. Sheela says, I won’t apologize to everyone. And says, this jewellery which you are wearing is ours. Sheela continues that Preeti and Avantika took her mom in law’s jewellery and sarees. She insults Avantika more and more. She says, whatever you are today is because of this house. I am the owner of this house. You left your son and daughter in law here for money. You got everything in charity. Anu, Padma and Mangal smiles. Adi asks, what did you say? How can you insult mom? Pankhudi says, you would have think before saying it. Rubel says, your thinking is wrong. Anuj says, how can you fall so low? Sheela says, I am bad. Avantika says, enough. This house is also mine. I have equal rights on the thing. I brought this jewellery. My son studied in the best school and my husband spend half of the money on his education. I too used to get a fixed amount every month and I didn’t send the money to DholPur unlike you.

My Dad gave me a teaching about life. You have insulted me, my husband, my son and most importantly my Dad self respect. I have decided to pay for residing in this house for 20 years. I will pay for ruling in your husband’s office. It needed I will pay for being the daughter of the house. I heard enough of your nonsense. Sheela says, what you will pay? Avantika asks her to give the bill. She says, I can’t live on charity. Sheela asks her to be away from everyone. She asks for the partition of the Deewan Mansion in three parts. She asks Preeti and Avantika to go with their parts. Pankhudi is shocked.

Pankhudi asks Adi, whether we will be able to stop the partition. Adi says, don’t worry I won’t allow it to happen.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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