Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 6th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 6th February 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 6th February 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Harish rushing out for shoot. Avantika looks upset. As Pankhu is about to get into DM, Adi pulls her back. Pankhu is feeling shy and tells Adi that someone might see them. Adi tells that he want to say something to her. *Eyelock* . Shanky interrupts them as he comes in search of Pankhu. He just tells that Nanaji is calling Pankhu inside and goes back. Adi tries to stop Pankhu but she goes in. Vivah music in Bg. Preeti asks Adi and Pankhu why they didn’t stop Harish from leaving. Adi tells that it was important for him to go so they couldn’t say anything. Preeti is worried when Harish will be back and patch with Avantika. She changes as Adi, Pankhu and herself are waiting for Harish as she sees Avantika coming in. Pankhu asks Preeti not to worry and says

that every wait is worth it. She looks at Adi and leaves.

Sheela is deciding on which saree to wear for party as it celebration time at home. She informs to Anuj and Rubel that their (Avantika, Adi, Pankhu) enjoyment will last only till tomorrow morning. Anuj couldn’t understand what she is saying and asks if she is sure that he should implement her plan. Sheela asks Anuj not to get scared. She tells him to behave coolly even if someone says anything as he is used to listening to his sister’s words. Anuj says there is chance of his dad telling them to get out of the house if he implements the plan. Sheela is sure that Nanaji will not say anything as he is the son of the house and they are fighting for their right. She says even her wants peace in the family but cannot give up their rights. Sheela wants to finish of everything at one go. She says that they will get their rights and he, Rubel can be happy. Sheela tells him not to feel bad but just do as she is saying.

Preeti and Dadaji are arguing whether Indian or Chinese food must be made for lunch. Dadaji feels its celebration at home so Inidan food must be made. Both says Adi to support each other. He is lost in his own world. Adi sees Pankhu coming down the stairs and goes near her. Both don’t say anything to each other. Pankhu asks Shanky whether decision is made. She says decision must be taken soon. Pankhu wants some items to be Chinese and some Indian.

Avantika asks whether she can decide on the menu. She hesitantly says she wants to make the food for dinner. Sheela says her mouth started watering just thinking about how good Avantika’s cooking will be. Avantika replies that she has never cooked in the house so far. Sheela says she might have drunk the tea made by Avantika. Avantu tells she has not made food anywhere other than her in-laws home. Dadaji is so happy to hear it and asks Adi what is Harish’s favourite dish. In the chance of replying, he comes near Pankhu and catches her hand. Preeti says she will help her with the cooking. Adi stops Pankhu but she also offers to help. Avantika accepts.

Pankhu is walking somewhere outside DM. Adi comes behind her. He pulls her dupatta. Pankhu requests him to give it back as someone might see them. Adi is approaching her as she hits a wall. Avantika searches for Adi. All three are embrassed. Avantika says she will come after sometime. Adi just says that there was some dirt on Pankhu’s dupatta. Avantika asks whether he knows when Harish will be back. Adi tells he will call and let her know. Pankhu escapes from him.

Preeti and Pankhu are coming down dressed up. Adi looks at her lovingly. Dadaji is happy that entire family will be having food together after a long time. Avantika says she tried calling Harish but its not reachable. Nana asks her to try again but its not reachable once again. Adi calls Production Manager Rakha and gets to know that Harish had gone outdoor 2 days .Dadaji says they can wait for Harish and have dinner once again some other day. Dadaji wants to talk to Harish as he wants Avantika and him to live together under the same roof in DM. Avantika wishes to consult Harish before deciding .Nanu accepts that it must be a joint decision. Sheela tells them that Anuj and Rubel are feeling bad for what happened. Dadaji asks her to forget all things and join as they are a part of the family. He calls both and they come. Adi gives hand to Rubel and tells him to forget old things. Mami taps Pankhu’s shoulder.

Everyone are seated at the dining table. Dadaji comments that food cooked at home and served by ladies tastes differently. Paknhu serves Preeti Maasi pasta. Adi says he too likes Pasta but no one cares for his likes. Pankhu serves him. Preeti says there are so many Indian dishes but one Italian just because he likes it. Avantu asks Pankhu to sit so that she can serve. She makes her sit near Adi . He turns the plate and mami says they have become a super hit Jodi. Sheela tells Anuj to be cool and accept her plan as he is the one who is going to be benefitted.

Update Credit to: seelaks

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