Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 5th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 5th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nani talking to Ayesha about Adi. Ayesha asks did he eat anything. Nani says no. Ayesha says I will make him eat, you also go and eat. Adi says Pankhudi will never come back. Bau ji and everyone are in temple. Ambika asks why did he call her in morning here. Bau ji breaks the news of Pankhudi’s death confirmed. Everyone cry. Shanky puts flowers on Pankhudi’s pic and asks sho will take care of Adi and this family now. Rubel cries thinking how will Adi cope up now, our Pankhudi is no more. Ayesha sees this and says Pankhudi might be like fairy tale angels that everyone loves her. Arif wakes up in morning and is waiting for the magazine. He says sorry Ayesha, your bad time starts now.

Sheela asks Anuj not to cry, if he does this, Adi will break. Anuj says I can’t

face Adi. Will he move on in life. Payal comes and says but Rubel will move on, he is in hospital all night. Anuj says stop it now. Sheela says we can’t let Rubel go on wrong path. Adi comes home shattered. Anuj and Sheela go to him. Sheela asks how are you, come sit here. She consoles him and asks him to think what they can do for Pankhudi, to make a trust to help people who get hurt in such accidents. Adi says yes. Ayesha comes with her family there and Sheela gets miffed.

Sheela says you all…. Nani says now they will leave in Diwaan mansion, no arguments. Sheela gets a parcel and sees a magazine in it with Ayesha’s bad image, that Diwaan Empire’s bahu doing a cheap modeling. Everyone is shocked to see the pic. Sheela shows it to Ayesha and asks whats this. Ayesha and her family is shocked too. Sheela scolds her for falling so low.

Harish asks what is it. Sheela says you see it, bold avatar of Pankhudi Kumar. She asks Ayesha how can she do this, how can she take cheap pics, are you not ashamed to do this photoshoot. Ayesha says I did not do this. Nilofer is shocked. Payal says we knew about Pankhudi’s death and she has defamed her reputation. Sheela says our whole family will get defamed. Ayesha says I m saying the truth, I did not do this. Nilofer slaps her and scolds her. Ayesha says I did not do this, why don’t anyone believe me.

Adi sees the pics and says wait a min, did Arif do this. Ayesha says I was in Indian wear and cries. Adi says maybe he morphed the pics. Sheela says you are innocent Adi, why did she do photoshoot. How can you know in which clothes she did photoshoot. Nilofer cries. Adi says I trust her. Sheela says we have everything infront of you. Adi tears the magazine. Everyone looks on. Adi defends Ayesha. Payal says I don’t believe this and insults Ayesha and her family. Harish says come on Payal, don’t disrespect her, we all believe Ayesha did not do this. Rubel says I agree with Harish. Payal says you will, as Ayesha is Nafisa’s sister. Rubel says don’t make this personal. Nafisa rushes to meet Arif.

Sheela says we have to kick them out now. Ayesha says enough, if you want proof, I will bring it, as I know Arif will have my answers. Nilofer says don’t go anywhere. Ayesha says let me go and leaves. Adi stops her and says I m coming with you. They leave. Nani asks Nilofer to trust her daughter. Amika is upset and is giving away Pankhudi’s belongings to ashram girls. Bau ji brings a doll and is emotionally attached to it. Ambika says we promised we won’t be sad and won’t make Pankhudi sad, so don’t cry. Arif says poor Ayesha, now everyone will make her life hell, even if says, no one will believe her, Adi will also support her as its on Pankhudi’s name.

Nafisa hears this and shouts Mr Arif Sheikh, how dare you. She is about to slap and he holds her hand. She asks how dare you publish such pics of Ayesha. He says you wanted her no to go to London. She says come with me and accept your mistake in Diwaan house. He asks how will you prove. She says I will tell everyone that you and me were together in stopping Ayesha here. She says you can make a fake DC and can morph pics too. Arif says I can put the blame on you. Nafisa is tensed.

Nilofer tells Sheela that she will leave this city once Ayesha comes. Nani says no, you won’t go anywhere, till Ayesha’s name get cleared. Sheela asks Harish that Avantika would have kicked them out. Harish says if Ayesha was wrong, only then, but she is innocent, Avantika would have kept her till she gets proved of this matter. Rubel and Payal argue. Nilofer says enough, stop discussing about my daughter. Nafisa says Ayesha’s life will be ruined, please. Arif says too late, you should have thought this before meeting me. Ayesha comes there with Adi and Nafisa hides. Ayesha asks Arif how dare he do this. Arif acts innocent. Adi scolds him and says I know you did this. Jackie gets tensed. Arif and Adi argue. Arif says magazine people did mistake, go and ask them. Adi says yes, I will ask them and leave you. Nafisa hears this.

People see Ayesha and identify her seeing her in magazine. Ayesha hides her face and Adi gets angry on those men.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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