Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 5th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 5th February 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 5th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Adi telling Avantika that I hurt you, your reputation and emotions, but I didn’t have any other option than this. Avantika says, Nanu’s wishes and dreams are important for everyone but not at the cost of foolishness. Adi says, it doesn’t matter as Rubel is MD. Avantika says, Sheela bhabhi should have tell us frankly. Harish says, Adi has a valid reason. Avantika says, you should have tell me. Pankhudi says, I couldn’t tell you. Adi took this decision to maintain peace at home. Harish supports Adi. Avantika says, how could you do this? I don’t understand how you bear it. I am proud of you. She thanks Pankhudi for becoming Adi’s strength. Pankhudi says, we have a doubt of someone who is trying to create problems with us. Sheela says, I am waiting

for proof’s against Avantika. I won’t spare Adi and Avantika. She gets a call from someone probably Latika. Adi says, someone is trying to create rift between mom and mami.

Pankhudi says, Anu said she is searching for a job in Mumbai. But ID proofs that she is working as a journalist in the newspaper. Adi says, she is behind it. Avantika says, they are taking revenge. She asks Adi to call everyone and asks them to reach the Deewan Mansion. She says, we shall tell everyone about Goel’s real face.

Sameer accepts his mistake and resigns from his job. He says, we are taking the doctors on board. Preeti asks them to follow the rules. Sameer says, you have to be part of the mobile hospital initiative for three months. Doctors agree. Someone asks Sameer to take his resignation back. Sameer says, I can’t. Preeti gets Avantika’s call. She says I am coming.

Adi tells Avantika not to tell Anuj mama about the truth behind his doings. He requests her for the family’s happiness. Mangal comes and asks, what is the matter. Avantika asks him to keep quiet until Sheela bhabhi comes. Rubel asks, what is the matter? Anuj says, we need to prepare for the IPO meeting. Avantika says, I am sorry but Sheela bhabhi is needed here. Sheela comes there with an envelope in her hand. She taunts Avantika. Avantika says, I want to talk something important. Sheela says, I want to talk first. She says Pankhudi surprised me.

Sheela says, everyone accept that our family member is involved in the leaking about our family. She says, it is Pankhudi. Everyone are shocked. Adi asks, what is wrong with me. Sheela says, I know that’s why I got proof with me. Anu smiles. Avantika says, you can’t blame anyone. She shows the letters written by Pankhudi. She says it is Pankhudi’s hand writing. Pankhudi says, I didn’t write it. Anuj says, why she will do it. Sheela says, she might have felt bad for Adi. She did it because of jealously. Adi says, we want to tell the truth. Sheela says, I don’t want to listen. Pankhudi can’t be wrong. Avantika says, writing is forged. Sheela says, Pankhudi is the person. Harish asks, from where you got these papers. Sheela says, you want to cover up Pankhudi’s doings. Avantika says real culprit is someone else. Avantika says, it is your brother, bhabhi and niece Anu.

Sheela doesn’t believe her. Adi says, mom is right. Mangal asks Adi, why you are blaming us? Padma acts innocent. Avantika says, you will get revenge. We rejected Anu and that’s why you did this. Sheela asks her not to cross her limits. Avantika says, truth is that they want to break our family. Mangal says, we shall leave from here. Avantika asks them to leave.
Sheela recalls her brother’s manipulated words. She stops him. Sheela asks Avantika, what is this? Sheela speaks badly with Avantika.

Avantika tells everyone that she will pay for living in the house for 20 years and if needed she will pay for being the daughter of this house. Stupid Sheela looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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