Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 4th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 4th October 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 4th October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Chachiji’s acting and she tells Chachaji that she gets insulted. She says she sacrifise a lot and didn’t give birth to her child because of his two children. Manik Chacha says yes, I didn’t give you the rights. he feels miserable. Kapil says we will not go anywhere. Chachaji asks her to smile. Chachiji says she wants to tell something.

Nirmala tells Sadanand that she is thinking that it is Chachaji’s family hand in Rubel’s condition. Sadanand gets angry and says women have no work rather than gossiping.

Chachiji tells him that kapil took the help of goons to kidnap Pankhudi. Chachaji is shocked. Chachiji says they didn’t have any way as Adi was going to lawyer to get the will. And he made the plan to divert Adi’s attention. Chachiji

says they have to do something and that too today.

Rahul tries to cheer Revathi and asks about Rubel. He says he will help her if she needs any help. Kapil tells Chachiji that one of the kidnapper gets caught by the police. Chachaji is shocked and wonders what to do now. Chachiji says they don’t have any other way out rather than this. Chachaji says but… Chachiji says what you got being good. They broke Revathi’s marriage and you wants to be good with them. She says, when Rubel wake up then no one will talk to you.

Avantika tells Sheela that she will do the packing for her. Sheela and Latika says that they have done their packing. Anuj comes to doctor and he says Rubel can’t go out of this hospital. Doctor says he got a call from the police station that there is a case registered against Rubel. avantika says there is no case against him. Anuj says he will go to the police station to see who stops him from taking Rubel to chennai for further treatment. Adi gets a call and is surprised. pankhudi asks who might have done this. Chachiji says she made a call. Adi asks how dare you? Rubel’s life is in danger. Chachiji says lets sit and chat. pankhudi says to Chachaji that you are blinded by her. And asks him whether whatever happened with Revathi is wrong. Chachiji asks her to think about Rubel well being. She says give something to her and then take Rubel whereever she wants. Adi asks what do you want? Chachiji asks him to name Pankhudi’s property on their name. Adi says he knows it. He says Rubel will go to chennai and you won’t get the property either. He says this property is Nanu’s dream, it is nanu’s hard earned property. He says I won’t let you snatch the property. And says I am going to the airport to leave my brother. Chachiji tells him to go to the police station instead. Pankhudi says you can’t do anything. Manik Chacha laughs and shows the camera footage in which Rubel was there. Adi and Pankhudi are shocked. She asks are you angry on me. Do you want to break this camera? She says they have 3-4 copies of the same.

Manik Chacha asks Adi, whether he will fulfill his demands for his brother. You instigate my daughter and broke her marriage, you should have thought about it before. he gives property papers and pen to Pankhudi to sign. Pankhudi asks what you will do. Chachiji says they will give this tape to the police. Pankhudi says she will go to the police and surrender herself. She says she will confess to the police that she did kept the drugs in Kaira’s room and also the fake notes in Adi’s name. Adi says no, you won’t do as such. It is not easy, they will create more problems. Chachiji asks her to remember about Adi’s condition. Pankhudi says she won’t sign the papers. Adi says they will do other mischief if they sign on the papers.

Sameer and Preeti argues over Chachaji’s family. Preeti says she will give the statement against Chachaji and his family. She asks Sadanand and he says I can’t give any statement. Sadanand says he can’t give any statement because he took money from them. Preeti asks what do you mean. Sadanand says he needed money for Sameer’s sister Shraddha and he took the money. Sameer says she had a cyst and we wanted money for her operation. Preeti says this is not done. How could you do this. Sameer too asks him, why he took the money from them. Sadanand tries to explain but Sameer cuts it off.

Adi tells that it is the wrong step which she wants to take. Adi says ok, we will give the property. Pankhudi says she can’t give Nanu’s dreams in wrong hands. Adi and Pankhudi talks about each other happiness. Pankhudi says we have to take this step as time is going from their hands. She says sorry as she is going against his wishes. Adi holds her hands to stop her but in vain. She asks nanu to make Pankhudi understand.

Adi thinks that Dadaji comes and says she will be happy because you are with him. Avantika says Pankhudi is happy to get you. Adi thinks what will vikram say. he remembers Nanu’s blessings.

Adi comes to Pankhudi and says you don’t need to take any step. He says after you came in my life, my problems went away, because you took my problems. He says he didn’t know about marriage. He says you are fulfilling every relation, i didn’t do anything for you. You always try to solve the problems. You can’t sacrifice for my brother. You have promised nanu that you will keep his dream and house safe. I too promised him that I will make you happy. I won’t be able to fulfill the promise made to Nanu if you go with your plan and that’s why I took this decision, from today you are relieved from this relation. Pankhudi is shocked and papers falls down from her hands. Chachiji asks what he is saying. You want to divorce Pankhudi? Adi says if she wants to take this step being my wife then I will remove that reason. He says Pankhudi got the property being my wife. but she will not get property if I divorce her. Chachaji asks Adi to sign on the papers then to save Rubel. Chachiji feels victorious.

Preeti tells Sameer that why did papa took money from Chachaji’s family. She says, papa should have tell her. Sameer says they were newly married then. Sameer says he has no idea that Dad took the money from Chachaji. Preeti says this is not done. Why Chachiji? Why he took the money from her. Nirmala tells Sadanand that whatever you did was not right. Sadanand says he didn’t think about it, he didn’t have anything except this house and his values. He says manorama came to him and offered help and he couldn’t refuse.

Pankhudi tells Adi, that do you realise what you said there. Adi signs. Pankhudi cries and says I can’t live without you. I can’t imagine my life without you. She cries.

Kapil asks, why you allowed rubel to go. Chachiji says if we give this casette to Police then Police would have taken him to get the treatment. She says let him get the treatment. Kapil asks then what about the property. Chachiji says they will anyway get the property from Harish as he is the custodian. She says Adi will break down if Pankhudi goes from here. We will find a way out till then. She laughs again. Kapil says you are superb mom and says we have to do something before Rubel gets well. Chachiji again feels pity on Pankhudi.

Pankhudi says she can face any problems of the world but can’t be away with him. Adi says solving problems at home is not her moral duty. He hugs her while the song PKDH plays in the BG. Both of them cries.

Manik Chacha recalls Adi speaking about Nanu’s dreams and how he broke his marriage with Pankhudi. Adi says Rubel is our responsibility. Adi says they don’t want any name for their relation. Everything will be same. They will feel the same thing from their respective hearts. They will remain friends. Pankhudi asks then what will be their relation’s name. Adi says he is divorcing her to protect her, to save Rubel. Adi says there will be no change in love/ relation after divorce. Pankhudi says you can’t asks me to go.

Anuj and Harish wonders who might have done the fake call to the hospital pretending to be the police. Avantika says lets go.

Adi asks her to have faith on his decision. pankhudi says she dont want whether it is right or wrong. Adi asks Pankhudi to listen to him. Adi says your relation with me, will always remain. He says he have issues with her safety. He wants to protect her as Chachiji can do anything. Pankhudi asks what about Rubel bhaiyya. Adi says he is my top priority. he will expose Chote nana. And says he can’t let the property go in wrong hands and asks her to have faith on him. Pankhudi says ok, and says if he thinks this is the way out to save Nanu’s dreams then ok.

Adi tells Avantika that they need to tell them something and says he and Pankhudi have decided to get seperate. Avantika asks what is meant by that? Adi says they are getting divorced. Avantika and Harish are shocked.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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