Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 4th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 4th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi thinking about Pankhudi. He leaves from there. Rubel asks Nani where is she going at that time. Nani says Nilofer is unwell, so I going to see her. Rubel says I will come along. Nani says no, Sheela and Payal will feel bad. He says no need to think, how will you go alone. Ayesha tells Rustam everything about Pankhudi’s death and how she took her place upon Harish’s insistence. Nani comes to Nafisa and Ruksaar and says we have to go to hospital, as Adi and Ayesha took your mum to hospital. They get worried. Adi sits outside the hospital and thinks about Pankhudi’s death. Ayesha comes to him and sees him sitting sad.

She tries talking to him and says I m with you. He asks can you bring Pankhudi back, and revive my hope. Leave me alone and go from here. She

says no, I won’t go. He scolds her and asks who are you to claim your right on me. She says nothing, but you made me your friend. He says I don’t need sympathy, you will not understand this pain. He leaves. Ayesha thinks I wish to tell you how much your pain hurts me. Rustam calls Ayesha and talks to her about Nilofer, saying if fever does not go, we will do some tests in morning. She says Adi has broken knowing the truth. Adi comes back and asks about Nilofer’s health.

He cares for Nilofer. Rustam says she is fine. Adi says I m outside, call me if you need. Ayesha says Adi…. Adi says this thing won’t change now, Pankhudi is not around me, but is with me. He goes to the terrace. Rustam says he seems to be ok. Ayesha says no, he has pain in him, I have to bring him out of this pain. She says we should tell Nani about this. Nani comes there with her sisters. Ayesha says mum is fine now. Ayesha tells everyone that Pankhudi’s death is confirmed now. We got the proof now. Everyone is shocked.

Harish asks Rustam how did this happen. Rustam says I m working on Kullu’s landslide case and I got the proofs. He shows them the proof and everyone cry. Harish says how will Adi accept this. Adi comes there looking upset. Harish goes to him and opens his arms but Adi passes by. Nani hugs him and cries. Rubel and Harish too break down to tears. Nani consoles Adi and says Pankhudi died but we have to live. Adi says does it matter, I don’t want to live, I want to die. Ayesha scolds him and says people here love you, they are not mad to cry for you, Allah gives life and we don’t have any right to die.

She says Pankhudi will be hurt if you say this. She makes him drink water. She says calm down now. Adi cries. Ayesha leaves. Payal wakes up and sees Rubel not in the room. She says where did he go at this time. She calls Rubel and asks where is he, with Nafisa? He says yes, anything else. She says are you not ashamed to meet her. He says I m not alone, everyone is here, her mum is admitted in hospital. Payal says you want a reason to meet her. Rubel says I don’t care what you think and ends the call.

Nilofer gets better. Rustam says you can take her home tomorrow morning. Nafisa asks Ayesha to go to Adi and she will see mum. Ayesha goes. Rubel says Nani, I informed mum and dad. Ayesha asks Harish to hug Adi. Harish says no, I don’t want to disturb him. If Pankhudi left him, she will manage him too. Nani asks Ayesha to go to Adi.

Ayesha apologizes to Adi for being rude. Adi says I m sorry, I know Pankhudi would have felt bad seeing me cry. Mama asks Bau ji what happened. Bau ji is upset. Bau ji says Nani called, my Pankhudi is dead. Its morning, Ayesha looks for Adi. She goes to him and asks him to smile for his family, or Pankhudi. Adi smiles.

Sheela gets some papers and is shocked to see Ayesha’s bad pics.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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