Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 4th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 4th July 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 4th July 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Avantika looking at Adi and Pankhudi walking down the stairs. Then Preeti comes and Sheela introduces her to Sameer’s parents. Sameer father says he didn’t think her to be the bride as they follow some other custom. Avantika smiles and says this is the informal meeting and it is not necessary that they follow the same rules or customs as them. Avantika’s brother says they will organise the wedding formally according to the rituals. Sameer’s mother suggests on the date and everyone agrees to them happily. Avantika says so soon? Sameer says it is a suggestion, we will finalise the date whatever you suggest. Sameer’s dad says but what about the differences which we had, how to change them. Sameer’s mom says he is Joking,please dont mind. Avantika says

everything should be done according to the situation. Nanu says he don’t have any problem with the date. Everyone is happy. Sheela thinks she have to do the work alone. Preeti looks at Adi and smiles. Adi too smiles back.

Rubel asks Adi to sign on some important papers. Adi says he will sign it on tomorrow after coming to office. Rubel says are you coming tomorrow. He says looking at his behavior, he dont think he will come. He asks Adi to look at Dadi maa’s portrait for 2 mins.

He smirks thinking Adi will go weak and he will succeed in his plan. Adi comes to Nanu’s room and looks at nani’s pic with so much pain and guilt. He remembers everything and sits on the floor with folded hands infront of nani’s portrait.

Pankhudi finds Adi missing in the room. Avantika asks Rubel about Adi whereabouts. Rubel says he saw Adi with Pankhudi. Avantika wonders where he might be. She finds Adi in Nanu’s room completely shattered, Adi cries. Avantika says you didn’t do anything and you aren’t answerable to anyone. He hugs her and cries. She says you had not done anything wrong. Please dont blame yourself. She cries too. Everyone comes there, Harsh consoles him. Nanu asks him to calm down. Sheela says if like this happen, then he won’t be able to come out of this trauma. Preeti says dont be so pessimistic.

Harsh asks him to face the fears and guilt. He says you are feeling guilty. Avantika nods no. Harsh asks him to look at Nani’s smiling face. He urges him to face the fear. Avantika says he will not face the fears and takes him along with her. She looks angrily at Pankhudi.

Avantika calls someone and asks him to cancel all the urgent appointments.
Avantika gives water to Adi and asks him to rest. She says she will get his laptop to divert his mind. Adi says her sorry for troubling her, Avantika says no Adi, you aren’t troubling us. She asks him to rest.

Pankhudi looks at Nani’s portrait and cries. Preeti maasi consoles her. Sheela comes to Avantika and asks about Adi. Avantika says he is fine. Sheela pretends to care for Adi and says did Adi suffered with some mental problem. Avantika shouts back. Sheela says she was talking about anxiety and depression. She goes on to blame Pankhudi for telling the truth for Adi. Avantika says she can handle her son and asks her to try to handle her son. Avantika supports Pankhudi’s doings and says she is not like other bahu’s who think of only themselves. She cares for the family. Sheela is shocked.

Sheela talks with Latika and says she was shocked to see Adi’s face. Latika asks Sheela to get some more mangoes. Rubel asks her to not to give so much importance to herself. He says wait for tomorrow and see what he do.

Avantika thanks her friend Meera and says she will bring Adi to her clinic in the evening. Pankhudi comes and says I know you are concerned about Adi, but if we take him to the doctor at this time, then he will feel more guilty. Avantika says what do you want? Pankhudi says she wants his happiness. Avantika asks why she went against her wishes and told the truth to Adi. She then asks her why she forced Adi to come for the meeting with Sameer’s family. Pankhudi says she didn’t forced him to come. Avantika says you were complaining about me to your dada, why you are involving your family in this?

Precap: Police comes to the house and tells Nanu that they have come here for investigation of some case. Everyone looks surprised.

Update Credit to: Hasan

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