Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 4th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Harish tries saying to Preety that he is feeling bad since Adi hasn’t talked with him properly all the time since yesterday, and while saying this collapses, and Preety holds him and makes him sit in a couch.PaYa sees that. Sheila too approaches in car along with Avantika and Avantika watches that from front, comes forward and says to Harish that it is only thing expected of them, Maasi says Harish is ill, Avantika says it is just an excuse, and now the whole world knows about their affair, so they can accept it in front of her and not hide behind false excuses, that won’t do any good to either of them, and moreover they should show some courage after all and do anything they wish, and goes away in a huff.

Preety was busy taking care of Harish when Pankuri came and said about Harish’s illness and that he got low BP to Preety. Sheila Mami was listening that from a hiding spot. Preety said she was only taking care of Harish as he fell ill suddenly while talking and Avantika thought something else, cries. and Pankuri was asking the truth, so Preety was about to state it, but Harish stops it just in time and says her not to tell. Preety stops, and Adi gets angry, shouts out Pankuri to come back.

Sheila Mami was suspicious that another person was involved who had affairs with Preety and so went to Preety’s room to collect clues but found nothing. Shanky saw her in Preety’s room and asks her if she wants anything, Mami says now the situation of the room is such that she wants nothing, and asks Shanky if he will stay, Shanky says this is his family and he would always stay regardless of good and bad times, and says it is the duty of every family members as well Shanky goes out and Mami says she wants Shanky out of the house first. She concludes that being a servant he is just too much.

Harish returns to house, Dadi is worried about Harish, Harish says it is his old illness and he had low BP, so cancelled shoot and came here, and Harish goes into his room, Preety follows her and in room Preety asks Harish to tell the truth to PaYa at least, and she cannot see their sufferings, but Harish says it will destroy someone’s life if we fail to keep this as secret and that person won’t be able to live a normal life again once this is out in the open.

Avantika, after getting enraged on seeing Preety with Harish comes in an angry mood and puts kerosene and burns all the photos and letters of Harish which she had been carefully preserving for all these years. Shanky tries hard to pacify her but she finally alights a matchstick and starts of a fire. Nana comes & is shocked to see the sorry state of affairs
He immediately asks Shanky to make arrangements to stop the fire, and Shanky goes inside to bring water. Nana says to Avantika that why she can’t control herself, Avantika says after what she saw today, she is in no mood to control herself, and says she cannot bear to see Preety-Harish relationship and asks Nana to decide between her and Preety, and anyone will stay but not both. Nana seems undecided and doesn’t reply, so Avantika takes it to be a leniency shown to Preety and says she won’t stay in the house.

Pankuri asks Dadi to tell about the affairs of Preety maasi which Harish know but is keeping it as secret, and moreover the misunderstanding will make Adi more angry towards Harish and pleads Dadi to tell everything to them at least, Dadi too remain silent and Adi loses cool, storms out of the house, with Pankuri shouting after him. Pankuri tries hard to convince him and say that a third person is involved as well but Harish asked Preety Maasi not to tell it, but Adi says he is not going to listen to Pankuri anymore and neither will he withstand Pankuri supporting Harish and Maasi, says it is too much for him and he will support his Mom now. Adi also says he learnt to value relations from Pankuri only but now he no longer has any faith in relations and says he is aghast over how all it happened

Rubel-Latika talking about the recent incident and Latika is shocked on knowing about affair saying that like Harish Adi too had affair with Pankuri before their marriage and now this news, also says Pankuri has come for money, and asks Rubel to keep their friendship a secret.

Precap: Adi gets a call from Nana that Avantika is leaving and so Nana asks him to come home quickly.

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