Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 4th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 4th February 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 4th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Rubel calling Adi to Avantika’s room for the discussion about the company affairs. Avantika asks him to close the door. Adi’s finger gets hurt. She says, someone is printing news about our family and we have already announced the IPO date. Anuj says, we must act fast. Adi suggest them to hold a press conference and clear everything. Rubel says, it is a good idea. Anuj says, we will call joint press conference and will give joint statement. Avantika asks them not to tell anyone about the conference. Rubel and Anuj leaves. Avantika asks Adi to sit. Rubel tells Anuj that I am scared about the IPO date. He says, Adi is not here with us. Anuj says, I have to go to office once again. I will work with you and sort it out. Avantika puts bandage on Adi’s

finger. She asks him to take medicines with him on the site. Adi says, shall I go now. Avantika says, ofcourse. Preeti asks Nirmala, did Sameer come back? Nirmala taunts her. Preeti says, what is the problem? Can’t we live like before. I am tired of daily arguments. Nirmala taunts about Deewan’s family. Preeti asks her to talk about her. Nirmala says, why don’t you give the money to someone else, if you people can’t handle it. Preeti thinks nothing can be good between them.

Pankhudi is packing some stuff for Adi. Adi says, you want me to go back. Pankhudi cries. Adi says, mom is also crying. He says, I hides my tears with difficulty. He thinks who can do it? Pankhudi says, I doubt on Padma mami and mamaji. Rubel comes with the newspaper and says our conversation is published in the newspaper. Avantika says, how can this be happen? Sheela taunts her. Avantika asks her to tell directly. Sheela says, it is Avantika and Adi’s doing. Anuj says, I need to talk to Adi once. He asks Adi, did you leak about it. Rubel says, what is wrong with you? Anuj says, no one was in the room when we talked about the press conference.

Anu tells her parents that she kept dictaphone in Avantika’s room to know about the plan. Everything is recorded here. She says, I took it out when everyone went for dinner. Avantika says, why will Adi do this? Anuj says, Adi is behaving differently since many days. Ofcourse his ego might be hurt. I know it well, how painful it is. I went through the same 25 years ago. Avantika says, you can’t blame him without proofs. We can blame Rubel but we didn’t blame him. Anuj and Avantika start quarelling. Anuj says, I am hurt that you didn’t understand me. Sheela interfere, and says, Anuj is right. Pankhudi asks them not to fight with each other. Sheela asks her to talk with respect. Avantika asks Sheela to stop it. Anuj says, Sheela is right. Pankhudi should know her limits. Adi interferes and says we can talk. Rubel asks them not to fight without knowing. Adi says, I am surprised. Rubel says, I agree that we 4 was there. Adi says, someone wants us to fight.
Anuj says, you are saying that someone is keeping their eye on us. I think Sheela is right. Avantika says, you mean we are doing it. I have decided to go to Harish’s house. Adi tries to stop her. Sheela says, we came to know that it is your’s doing. Rubel asks her not to say a word against Adi. Adi asks, do you think I can do this? Kaira tells Rubel and Adi to do something to save the family. Anu says, I have one more work to do. Mangal feels proud of her. He says, Avantika’s time is over. Rubel talks to the newspaper and says our family will be together. Payal says, we have to know the truth. Rubel says, we have to do that. Anu collides with Pankhudi and some papers falls from her file. She tells Pankhudi that she is going for an interview. Pankhudi gets Anu’s id card and opines that Anu is a journalist. She shows the card to Adi. Pankhudi suspects Anu. Pankhudi asks Adi to tell everything to Avantika. Adi says, there will be clash between Sheela mami and Mom. Adi says, we don’t have any proof. Pankhudi says, we have to tell mom to come on the conclusion. Pankhudi says, to save our family you have to break your promise made to mami.

Avantika is recalling about Anuj’s words and feels bad. Anuj thinks about Avantika’s words and feels bad. He cries. Harish comes and sees Avantika at his home. Avantika hugs him and cries. Sheela provokes Anuj against Avantika. Harish says, sometimes people say something in anger. He says, Anuj is a changed man and he loves you and Adi very much. Sheela asks Anuj not to bend infront of Avantika. Harish says, he should take the first step. Adi and Pankhudi come there. Avantika asks Adi to say. Pankhudi says mom.

Avantika asks Adi to call everyone at Deewan Mansion for meeting. She says, everyone should know the truth about Goel’s. Latika gives some file to Sheela. Sheela takes the file.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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