Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 3rd October 2013 Written Episode Update


Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 3rd October 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 3rd October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Adi asking the doctor for his permission to meet Rubel. Pankhudi says she will meet Rubel and takes Anuj permission. Latika thinks that Rubel is with Adi and pankhudi, by looking at their concern and recalls the conversation with Rubel. Adi and Pankhudi comes to Rubel and Adi says Rubel will be alright. He asks Pankhudi. He then says that everything seems to be fine between us then…. He cries and says he is unable to save him.

Harish tells Sheela that Dr. Prasad will handle the case in Chennai. Sheela says she and Kaira will go with Rubel. Latika says she will also come. Anuj says ok, he will book three tickets and feels dizziness. Avantika and Preeti holds him. Preeti says bhaiyya is very stressed. Harish says he will go to Chennai and asks Anuj

to stay back. Harish says he will manage everything in Chennai and it is better for him to stay here. He asks him to handle the police enquiry. Avantika asks him to agree. Revathi comes to the hospital and asks about Rubel. Avantika says not good. Chachiji looks at Rahul and asks Revathi, what he is doing with her. She asks Rahul, why he is after her daughter and asks him to leave her. Revathi asks Chachaji to listen to her.

Revathi says she is speaking with her bapuji. Adi tells her that Rahul is the music teacher for Revathi. Revathi says he came to drop her as pankhudi didn’t come because of the attack on Rubel. Adi says sorry to Rahul. Chachiji says she knows their plan as they have admitted Revathi in Rahul’s music academy.

Avantika asks to shut up and says what’s wrong with you. We are stressed about Rubel and asks them to leave the hospital in 10 mins, else she will do it. Chachiji stares at her. Avantika asks her not to stare at her like that. Preeti asks Kaira to take Sheela home. Sheela says she won’t leave her son.

Chachiji tells kapil that she is sure that Rubel was playing the game with them. Kapil says but who have informed Rubel about Pankhudi’s kidnapping as only both of us knew about it. Anuradha comes and says she told him. She came to know about their plan. Kapil asks how dare you? Kapil stand up from his chair but sit down. Chachiji says I think you are not scared of us. She asks Kapil to call the lawyer and asks him to get the divorce papers ready. Anuradha says she is scared even now and cared for her parents and sisters. She says her father taught her not to see anything wrong happening with anyone. She says she would prefer staying at her mother’s place and not stay with killer’s. She says she didn’t tell him about him.

Adi says I think I shall go to Chennai. Pankhudi too says the same. Avantika says he should stay here.
Avantika tells Adi that they might have suspected Rubel till now. She asks Adi to be around Chachaji’s family as it is a open war now. Chachiji tells Kapil that everything will be in open now. This is the last way. Adi says we have to expose Chote nana’s family for us and Rubel. Chachiji says she will keep some condition infront of Adi and Pankhudi.

Sheela and Kaira are leaving for hospital. Shanky comes and gives the halwa as it is Rubel’s birthday. Shanky says had saheb been here, we would not have see this day. Kaira informs Shanky that today is Rubel’s birthday and they will celebrate it grandly. Sheela thanks Shanky for remembering Rubel’s birthday.

Pankhudi tells Revathi that no one thought Rubel’s birthday would be like this. Adi comes and asks are you ready. Pankhudi says Revathi will go, I will asks the driver to drop you and he will stay there. Chachiji comes and says Revathi will not go to learn song and dance. Pankhudi makes her remember the conditions. Adi says he is getting late and Revathi will go to the music academy. Chachaji tells Adi to speak properly with Chachiji. Chachiji says what will people say if they comes to know that Revathi is learning music from the person with whom her alliance had broken. Pankhudi asks her to stop her drama and says you don’t love your kids. Chachiji tells Chachaji that she is said as step mom. Chachaji warns Pankhudi and says don’t dare to talk to my children’s mother in this tone. Anuj comes and says Rubel is in the hospital and what is going on here. Chachiji indirectly says that Adi and Pankhudi had fake tears yesterday. Adi asks her to stop it. Pankhudi taunts her for her fake concern. Revathi speaks up and asks her to shut up. She says she will go to the music academy. She will decide what she wants to do. She will attend the music classes.

Sheela, Kaira and Latika comes in Rubel’s ward to wish him Happy Birthday. Sheela caresses his face and wishes him birthday. She says she has prepared ghee rotis and laddoos for him. She asks him to eat and starts rotating the hand fan. She says I won’t irritate you. She asks Kaira to tell Rubel to speak up. She asks him to speak. She says she won’t irritate him after he gets well. kaira asks her to stop being melodramatic and says we will celebrate his birthday in a grand way next year. Sheela cries.

Anuj tells Chachaji to let Revathi go to the music academy. he says decision is all yours. He says he is going to the hospital now. Adi asks Revathi to go to the music academy. Pankhudi gets the call from the Inspector asking her to identify the suspects. Pankhudi says she will come soon. She tells Adi that they will get the culprits caught and it will be the birthday gift to Rubel.

Adi tells Pankhudi that he has promised to Nanu that he will take care of her happiness. Then says that he has taken this decision after thinking a lot and this is the only way out. Pankhudi is shocked and teary eyed.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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