Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 3rd May 2013 Written Episode Update


Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 3rd May 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 3rd May 2013 Written Update

“Pankhudi” ..exclaims Adi in extreme Surprise … A scared Pankhudi walks towards Adi.. and Adi proving that he indeed is Nanu’s Grandchild .. slowly utter’s.. “Tum……saath ” before Pankhudi can do the Adarsh Bharatiya Nari and reveal all , Anuj with an effort gets down from the car and fibs beautifully that he saw Pankhudi waiting for the Auto and since it was getting late, he dropped her home.

Adi buys into this and both Hubby and Wife enter the house to the consternation of Avantika who fears the worst ..but she discovers that her fears are unfounded .. The Kumar’s get down to dinner, The earthquake gets postponed again.


Kaira’s ears are being filled by Latika against her

family while positioning herself as Kaira’s confidante.


Adi and Pankhudi exchange their activities for the day ..where Adi blurts out that his foot is aching like hell, Pankhudi immediately begins to press his foot .. Adi lets slip that he saw Kaira and Manan in some far away place .. Pankhudi absorbs this news as she begins to puzzle about Manan.

Adi’s massage is completed and he in turn begins to massage , getting nostalgic about his Nanu ..when he accidentally dials Nanu’s number and there is a moment of togetherness.


Pankhudi is preparing breakfast for all when Avantika comes in to help and also to inform Pankhudi to leave the job in Dewan’s mansion as their financial condition has improved to an extent where they can get their father here and can take care of him..

Pankhudi declines politely , explains the puzzle called Manan and also points out that Latika’s intention’s aren’t good and she must be in Dewan’s mansion to foil their plans as well as discover the truth about Manan..Avantika nods her head but tells Pankhudi to be cautious and not reveal anything to anyone until she gets kaira’s nature is quite unpredictable.

DEWAN’s Mansion

There is a minivolcano happening in Dewan’s house as Kaira has packed her bags and is seen walking out .. all bec Manan has been asked to leave .. There is a big hungama over whether Manan can stay, the propriety of it etc etc ..Pankhudi who has come just then declares that both Manan and Kaira can stay on in Dewan’s house …pending Nanu’s decision..Nanu rubber stamps and approves the decision… Rubal who had been restrained by Latika is now unleashed and asked to go into attack mode by Latika .. Rubal gets in to his act but before he can even warm up , He is stopped by Nanu who points out that the house is his and he decides and his decision is that Manan will stay..

Nanu calls in Pankhudi and seeks an explanation ..Pankhudi explains that once Kaira leaves the house, it would be difficult to get her back and also the hate that Kaira has for her family will increase .. Nanu understands the point of Pankhudi and says that she is the only person he trusts..

IN Conference room,

Rubal n Latika , Shiela and Anuj are head butting together with Shiela in full form… just then Pankhudi comes in and gives almost the same explanation that she has given Nanu albeit phrased differently, she also points out the fact that they get 2 days to decide on their next move..Anuj expresses his appreciation for Pankhudi , Latika resolves to break this growing trust and bond between them before it begins to hamper her plans..


Manan is going somewhere and Pankhudi brightly says that they will need a guide and Manan cannot go alone..Latika adds her voice and says that Manan and co have to delay the trip by 2 days as they are going to hold a reception party …

Update Credit to: Tanthya

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