Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 3rd March 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 3rd March 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 3rd March 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Adi and Rubel talking about the Malaysian Airlines as they land on the Australian Airport. They talk about their respective wives and says they carry too many clothes. Pankhudi says, I have only 1 bag and says this was all Adi’s bags. Payal says, we have reached Melbourne. Let’s take a photo. They take a photo to send to Sheela. Sheela tells Shanky that she couldn’t sleep entire night as they didn’t call. Kaira comes and says they have reached Australia and shows the photo which Payal sent. Sheela says, I will sleep now. Preeti and Sameer do the puja. Nirmala asks, where are you going? Preeti asks her to guess. She says, we are going to buy something for our store opening. We have decided that you will inaugrate our store. Nirmala blesses them and asks

them to take the right move. Sadanand says, they are matured and will do whatever is good for them.

Pankhudi joins Adi, Payal and Rubel. Adi asks her to wear good dress. Pankhudi says, I tried it but it was not looking good. Adi says, I will find a solution. Rubel asks Payal, what do you want to do? Site seeing or shopping. Vikram asks his man to enquire about Preeti. Adi comes out of the hotel wearing shorts. He tells Pankhudi to wear clothes of her choice and comfort. Pankhudi says, I will wear next time after losing weight. Adi asks her to change the outfit. Adi says, if you don’t want to change then let it be. Rubel and Payal look on. Pyaar Ka Dard Hai plays…………Pankhudi goes to change her outfit. Rubel and Payal pulls each other leg. Adi says, I will change my clothes. He asks them to leave and they will join them. They leave.

Payal says, we will search for Anisha Dadiji. Rubel says, we will search her but first we will do the site seeing and shopping. Pankhudi comes out wearing red outfit. Adi compliments her. Pankhudi asks about Rubel and Payal. He says, they went. Pankhudi says, we have to search Anisha dadi. Adi says, we will find out soon.

Rubel and Payal are roaming on the streets of Melbourne. Payal asks Rubel to click her pictures. She says, I should look good. Payal looks at the photos and says you didn’t click any of my pictures. She gets upset. Rubel takes her pictures finally. Rubel hugs Payal. Payal smiles looking at her photos. They click their photo. Pankhudi says, we can come later also. We will miss Kaira’s wedding preparations and Preeti maasi’s shop inaugration. Adi asks her to enjoy the outing. Pankhudi says, I will ride the cycle. Adi laughs on her. Pankhudi says, please arrange a cycle for me. Adi says no but agrees later.

Avantika comes to the Ashram and tells the lady about the attack on Vikram. She says, we have not done any attack on him. Avantika says, I will take my decision.

Pankhudi asks Adi to get a cycle for him. Adi borrows cycle from someone. Kaira awaits for Varun’s call. Sheela comes and asks, what is the matter? Sheela says, guys are like that. She reminiscences about her days. Kaira says, I need a husband not a puppet. I want my marriage to be like Adi and Pankhudi. Adi and Pankhudi wear the helmet and ride the cycle. Pyaar ka dard hain plays…………………Adi and Pankhudi look at each other romantically.

Precap: Payal tells Pankhudi that she is going to the washroom. Pankhudi hears someone calling Anisha for coffee. Pankhudi looks at the man and thinks may be he is Anisha’s husband waterson.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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