Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 3rd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 3rd July 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 3rd July 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Pankhuri asking Adi are you feeling pain. Adi sees the ball there and asks Pankhuri to keep it away from his view.
Rubel says he will make sure that Adi will feel guilty and breaks. He says something will help them. When his wife asks what is that? Rubel says he will make the differences between Avantika and Pankhuri to be more broad.

Pankhuri asks Adi not to give her any explaination. She takes the ball and leaves. Preeti calls Sameer and says she came to know about his mother’s call. She says she wants to meet him before taking any decision. Sameer speaks good and says his mom will talk to his dad. He says they work together and it is happy for him. Preeti feels happy and says she wants to tell her past.

He says your past is not important

for our present. Preeti tells him about her abortion when she was in a relationship. She says whatever your decision will be, it will not have an affect in our professional relationship. Sameer says he he is waiting for her yes and he is sure that they will make a happy future.

Pankhuri sees Adi sleeping and says she will not let Adi to go weak and she will return the old Adi to the family.

Sameer tells his mother that he wants to say something. His dad comes and his mother asks him about the mud on his clothes. His dad says who cares for him and taunts Sameer for choosing a girl on his own. He says he is not happy with this marriage. If you are happy then what can I do. He goes inside the room.

Nanu calls Sameer’s mother and asks her to come to their place. He talks with nani’s picture and says he is relieved. Kaira comes there and cries. Nanu asks him not to cry but Kaira says her sorry for hurting and insulting him infront of everyone. Flashback is shown where nurse tells Nanu about his wife demise. Nanu says you saw with your innocent face and it was a misunderstanding. Kaira says she was wrong and is ready to face. She asks what she can do.

Nanu asks Kaira to look forward happily and forgets the past. She unites with Nanu whole heartedly and they laughs.

Pankhuri calls her dada and asks whether she was right to inform Adi about everything. Dada says she was right to do so and says Avantika is shaken for Adi. Pankhuri says she wants Adi to face everything. She sees Avantika and stops. Shanky informs Avantika about Sameer’s parents arrival.

Avantika asks Adi to come downstairs as Sameer’s parents have come. At first Adi gets excited but later says he dont want to come. He says Avantika to ask Maasi to wear something different. Avantika asks Pandkhuri to come down and let Adi rest as he is feeling unwell.

Nanu expresses happiness on Sameer’s parents arrival. Sameer’s father speaks some what rude to them. Nanu says both of them are ready for marriage. His dad says we have wasted time by coming here.

Adi is excited about Preeti maasi’s wedding and tells Pankhuri that he wants preparation to get start from tomorrow. Pankhuri asks him to come, but he says he is not feeling like going. Adi says he dont want anything bad happen because of him. Pankhuri says is there any chances of rain. Adi says why? she says I will fall if it starts raining. She tells him past should not effect the future.

Pankhuri dada tells her mom that he has faith on Pankhuri’s doing.

Sameer’s mom asks them about Adi. Sheela about to say about him but Avantika says he is not well. They sees Adi and Pankhuri walking down the stairs. Avantika is surprised. It seems Pankhuri convinced Adi to face the world. The episode ends on Avantika’s surprised face.

Rubel asks Adi to sign on some papers, Adi says he will sign it when he come to the office. Adi leaves while Rubel smirks.

Update Credit to: Hasan

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