Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 3rd February 2014 Written Episode Update


Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 3rd February 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 3rd February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Avantika telling Pankhudi that Adi was totally different there at the site. Pankhudi says, don’t know. Avantika says, we have to understand it. Avantika gets a call and is shocked. Anuj says, how can Avantika tell this infront of media. Sheela says, when I said you didn’t listen. Anuj says, let me talk to Avantika first. Avantika comes and says you said that you will get the clarification published in the newspaper. You said that Adi has done out of jealously. Anuj says, I got a call saying you published the report to spoil Adi’s name. Anuj says, he too got the call. Sheela says, may be Avantika didn’t get any call. Avantika says, she received the call infront of Pankhudi. Sheela tries to provoke Anuj. Anuj says, inshort you are doubting me. Rubel

says, no one can issue this statement. Somebody is doing this to break our family. Latika shakes her hand with Anu. Anu says, I called Avantika and Latika says I called Anuj. Anu says, it is starting of Deewan’s ending. Avantika hurt my parents. Anu says, I will take revenge from Avantika for my parents.
Sheela blames Avantika. Anuj thinks Avantika is behind it. Avantika says, your insecurity didn’t end. Anuj and Avantika get angry on each other. Rubel says, after 2 days is IPO release and hopes everything will be fine soon. Sameer is searching job in the newspaper. Nirmala says, you should have thought before resigning from the job. Sameer says, Preeti is needed at the hospital and that’s why I resigned. Nirmala says, Preeti should have resigned from the job. Preeti says, I am going to resign from the position. Sameer says, why you are doing this. Preeti says, I am wrong and I shall resign. She tells Nirmala that she loves and respects Sameer a lot.

Rubel is talking on phone about the IPO release date and says it will be same. He tells Payal that they have to do something. He says, I will talk to Dad and bua. Will tell Adi also. Mangal shows the newspaper report. Avantika says, our conversation is published in the newspaper. They opine that some insider is after them. Rubel says, he needs to talk about IPO release. Avantika says, we will do it in my room. Pankhudi says, who is behind it? She thinks to know.

Preeti and Sameer are surprised to know about Rubel becoming MD. They think to talk to Avantika. Sheela reads the newspaper report. Sheela asks, how did the newspaper know about their inhouse fight. She instigates Anuj against Avantika. Mangal says, Sheela is right. He fills his ears against Avantika. Anuj says, I have to talk to Avantika.

Adi is informed by the employees that media came to meet him. Press bombards him with so many questions. Adi says, it is not true.They ask, did you know about the differences between Anuj and Avantika? Adi says, I need to talk to my family. Preeti tells Avantika that you didn’t tell anything to me. Preeti says, I am sure we don’t know something. Avantika says, when I went to the site, I had the same feeling. Anuj comes and says we have to talk about the newspaper issue. Avantika says, something is trying to break our family. Anuj says, it is you. Avantika is shocked. Preeti says, what are you saying? Anuj asks her to stay away. Anuj says, I don’t doubt on you. Something is trying to distance us. Avantika says, I can never do anything like this. She thanks him for the trust. Anu hears them. Anuj says, we will talk about business in your room. Avantika says sorry. They hug and make up.

Kaira is suspicious of Mangal and Padma. Shanky says, Saheb doesn’t trust them. Payal says, we can’t blame anyone without proof. Rubel says, we have to be careful. Adi comes. Pankhudi goes and hugs him. Adi says, you didn’t tell me this yesterday. Anu tells hi to Adi. Preeti meets Adi. Adi hugs him. Avantika asks, what are you doing here? Adi says, don’t worry. I made all the arrangements. I will go back in sometime. I had to come after reading the newspaper. Anuj asks him to stay at night. Adi looks at Avantika. Anuj says, you will stay at night. Padma fills Sheela’s ears. Adi says, I have to go. Avantika says, you can stay. Kaira says, I am upset with you. Adi says, you are like my brother. Mangal provokes Sheela against Adi and asks her to be aware of him.

Anu collides with Pankhudi and her stuff falls on the ground. Pankhudi gets her id card and is surprised to know that she is a journalist.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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