Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 31st October 2013 Written Episode Update


Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 31st October 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 31st October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Pankhudi coming to the Deewan Mansion with Adi and comes to Chachiji and is about to touch her legs. Chachiji says she didn’t deserve this and says they will be going back home. Chachaji says they will return home. Chachiji says she was wrong and think that she will buy the happiness with the money. She cries, Avantika says she is sorry for her accident. Chachiji says she deserves this and says she wants to apologize to Dadaji. Chachaji tells her that Adi and Pankhudi are getting remarried again with the rituals and then they will return to Sultanpur. Anuj asks them to attend the wedding. Chachaji says Kapil have to surrender. Pankhudi says our happiness is without you. Avantika asks him to attend the wedding. Pankhudi tells him that she won’t marry

if they didn’t attend the wedding. Rubel tells that even Kapil can join the celebration. Harish asks him to agree. Chachaji agrees. Chachiji tells Pankhudi that her truthfulness won

Latika’s mom tells her that it is very big step. Latika says lets wait and watch, what will happen tomorrow morning. Adi holds Pankhudi’s hand and tries to romance her. Kaira and Rubel teases them. Pankhudi asks Anuradha not to worry about Kapil’s punishment as Adi will make sure that he will get lesser punishment. Anuradha says she is happy that Kapil is on the right path.Pankhudi asks Preeti to take care of the new arrival. Sheela tells Shanky that they will do the partition of the house. Harish asks what is the new act? Chachiji says it is Dholpur thing. Sheela says it is good thing. Kaira says you are fighting.

Sheela asks Shanky to do the partition of the groom and bride side. Avantika says it is not needed. Sheela says they will divide the work. Adi asks Pankhudi to go with him. Rubel asks them what they are doing. Sheela asks them to go to their respective rooms. She says you both can’t be together before marriage. Avantika too says the same. Kaira says Pankhudi will live in my room. Chachiji suggests that men and women to stay in seperate rooms. Preeti leaves with Sameer. Harish tells Avantika that they will go to his show’s designer and they will get the branded jewellery for Pankhudi. Avantika says she will not do anything because she wants Adi’s special moments to be done by him. She says you never complain but I kept you away from his special moments.

Avantika hugs Harish and says that Adi is like you. And says that you don’t need to feel guilty because you have to think about the good moments. Avantika asks him to manage the wedding of Adi and Pankhudi.

Adi and Pankhudi comes for their haldi ceremony while the title song plays in the BG. Avantika says she is not feeling old and Adi’s dad is getting older. They laughs. Chachiji praises them. Pankhudi and Adi takes her blessings. Kaira says lets start the haldi ceremony. Sheela and Chachiji speaks about their bharatpur and Dholpur. Adi jokes with them.

Pankhudi’s chachis is talking to each other and says Neha left for Mumbai. Kapil and Anuradha comes to the ceremony hall. Chachiji tells Anuradha that she is looking good without the pallu. Adi and Pankhudi are asked to sit for the haldi ceremony. Adi and Pankhudi looks at each other and smiles.

Avantika applies haldi on Adi’s face and Ambika applies haldi on Pankhudi’s face while the song kya yeh wohi ladka hain plays in the BG. Adi looks at Pankhudi and smiles.

Latika and her mum comes and shouts for Rubel and Sheela. Everyone looks on shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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