Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 31st March 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 31st March 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 31st March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with everyone taking family pic. Bau ji says we will reach before the baraat comes. Rangeelo maaro dholna…………..plays……….. as few women dance while everyone looks on smiling. Vikram and Amrita comes and everyone welcome him. Varun comes in his car. Adi and Rubel welcomes him. Aayo re maara dholna…………plays…….. Vikram says we are going to be one now. Anuj says we will be glad to serve you by heart. Bau ji says you are at Varun’s dad’s place today. Pankhudi gets the diya ready. The women dress in traditional outfits and lights the diyas in the aarti plates. They see Nani in such dress and smile seeing her. Nani looks beautiful. The men seeing their wives.

The women do Varun’s aarti. Sheela does his tilak. Sheela says now you are

a part of our family, forgive us if we hurt you ever. She holds his nose and teases him. Vikram smiles. Pankhudi says now our families’ happiness and pain will be common and shared. Harish says Vikram keep an eye on Varun, else Varun can become ours. Nani blesses Varun and does his aarti. Adi tells Rubel look at Nani, she is participating by her wish. Sheela asks Avantika and Harish to welcome Vikram. Harish does Vikram’s tilak. Avantika does Amrita’s tilak. Anuj says we have given him Rs 4 as shagun, it means Kaira will be very happy in their family. Avantika says I m sure Vikram won’t back off from his commitment. Vikram says yes, sure.

Rubel says no one will go inside before giving us bribe. Anuj says quote a big amount. Vikram says tell us what do you want as Nek, after all we are taking the most precious thing from you. Payal says Rs. 21000. Vikram says we will give what they ask for and gives her the money. He says if we agree to your demands today, then you will agree to our demands tomorrow. They are welcomed inside. Vikram is happy. He calls and acts as if he is in problem. Anuj hears him. Vikram says please I request. Anuj asks what happened, is there any problem. Vikram says business problem. I like the amazing arrangements. Anuj says its the last marriage of our family.

Adi hugs Nani and thanks her. Pankhudi says yes, you did this for Kaira, but its good you thought. Adi says you should go in any beauty contest, you will be the winner. Kaira comes and her entry has a song. Jhanjhar jhumar……….. naino me bandhu thaari aas jaagi hai…………. Pankhudi and Payal bring her. Everyone look at her and smile. Few women dance around Kaira. Adi and Rubel stand by Kaira’s side and takes her to Varun. Sheela asks Kaira to do the rituals. Everyone cheer for Kaira and claps. Kaira and Varun exchanges garlands. Nani thinks about her marriage. She thinks Nanu did not keep his promise and her ties with her families broke because of him. She cries. Adi and Pankhudi look at her. Nani leaves.

Pankhudi says Adi let her be with her memories now. Anuj asks Farhan to take care of the guests. Vikram sees Anuj and starts acting again talking on phone. Anuj asks him what is the matter, tell me. Vikram tells him that he has important meeting, I need a witness for the deal, its 100 kms from here, I don’t know how will I go. Anuj says can’t you postpone the meeting. Anuj says its very difficult to come back in time. Vikram says they are foreign clients and I got a fine of 200 crores because of Avantika, and it broke me up, I was hoping this deal will help me, I promised Varun that i will be with him, I will go and come. Adi comes and asks is there any problem.

Adi says I will help. Vikram says you have to be here. Anuj says I m doing this for Kaira. Vikram says you can’t go, you have to do kanyadaan. Adi says we will be back before kanyadaan and leaves with Anuj. Vikram smiles seeing them leave. Vikram thinks Anuj can’t do the kanyadaan today. Pankhudi stops them and asks where are you going. Adi tells her everything and says we will be back soon. Pankhudi panics. Adi leaves with Anuj.

Amrita tells Vikram that she will tell everyone about him cheating everyone and easing out money from them.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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