Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 31st July 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 31st July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Avantika arguing with Ayesha about Adi. Ayesha says I have to meet Adi before going. Avantika asks her to leave the house, and will she ask for compensation, but she won’t give her money. Avantika says you can’t meet Adi. Harish says she will meet Adi and scolds Avantika. He says Adi is my son too. Ayesha goes to meet Adi. She comes to him and says I came to meet you Pankhudi……….. She says I m going back today. Adi looks at Pankhudi’s pic. She talks to Adi acting as if she is talking to Pankhudi. She says Adi’s lines. She scolds Adi as if Pankhudi used to scold him. He thinks about Pankhudi’s words.

Adi scolds her and says I thought you are a fighter, but you confessed everything for the crime you did not do, such people I call cowards. She says I

m not a coward. They start arguing. He challenges her courage and asks does she have it. He leaves annoyed. She talks to Pankhudi’s pic and says if anyone challenges me, I forget everything, its about my ego, what should I do now. Sheela says Avantika’s words does not get into my mind. Payal says I m sure she thought something.

Sheela says I m your mum in law. Ayesha says I m not going from here to get saved by questions, no one can make me go from this house if I want. Rubel comes and asks why. She turns to see him. He asks why do you think so. He says see Ayesha, I did not come to question you, its just Adi, Harish and me, we don’t want you to go. She says even I don’t want to go as I have to prove now. Sheela is happy thinking Ayesha will go. Rubel comes to her and says I can’t believe this. Payal asks are you ok. He asys Ayesha….. Sheela asks what happened.

He looks very tensed. Ayesha packs her bag and looks for Adi. Avantika asks Ayesha not to trouble Adi again. Sheela comes and stops Ayesha. She says you can’t leave this house. She tells Avantika she will explain her later. She says I thought many times and I realized Adi is right. She says if you were thief, you might have not accepted this. Sheela says forget everything and be here. Ayesha says no, I thought what I will do now. Sheela holds her hand and asks her to stay. Avantika asks whats going on. What is this joke.

Sheela says now I m adamant to stop her. Adi looks on. Ayesha says till everyone ask me to stay here, I won’t. Sheela asks Avantika to ask Ayesha to stay. Avantika says don’t be crazy, I won’t. Sheela says all property will go with her. Rubel says I told this to Sheela. Payal says I heard Adi promising Nilofer that he will name everything to Ayesha. Avantika asks Adi and he says yes, I did. Avantika says she won’t stay here, as she has stolen the money from locker. Nani comes and says she took the money. Everyone is shocked.

Nani says here is the money, I hope no one has objection. Avantika says you can use it anytime, but why did you tell us and why did Ayesha confess. Nani says I asked here not to tell anyone. Avantika asks what does she want to proof, that she is great like Pankhudi. Nani defends Ayesha. Sheela says only Ayesha had the password. Nani says maybe you acted as you forgot the password. Avantika says lets end it here and requests Nani to come back and stay with them. Adi and Rubel say the same.

Ayesha too insists and says if you don’t come back, I won’t stay here. Nani says fine, but some people are not happy with this. She looks at Sheela and Payal. Rubel signs Sheela. Sheela apologizes to Nani. She takes the money. Sheela says Ayesha is like Kaira for me. Nani takes the money back. Harish says now we should admit that this house won’t let you go, I m happy. Ayesha does not talk to Adi.

Adi comes and Ayesha argues with him. He says the idea was good but not expected from you. He asys you did a lot by taking blame of Nani, it needs courage, great. He says I will meet Nan. I would have felt bad if you went today. She smiles seeing him. He leaves. Pyaar ka dard hai……………….plays…………..She thinks I felt good as you told your right on me.

Ayesha talks to Nafisa and says she will celebrate Pankhudi’s birthday. Adi too cuts a cake.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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