Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 31st January 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 31st January 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 31st January 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Aditya, Pankhuri and Kailaash ..
Adi says that you should until Preeti wakes up and then you can go anywhere you want..
Kailaash says I also wanna meet her and seek forgiveness but..
Adi says to him not to worry, he said in the home I told everybody I will bring you both back!!

In Diwan Mansion Nanu warns everyone not to create any scene once Pankhuri comes back ..

After a while, Adi, Pankhuri and Kailaash reaches there, ( Rubel and Sheela seems unhappy, Avantika usual with her anger looks, Harish and Nana happy )
They enter the house, Adi says to Shanky to arrange the guest room for Kailaash,
Adi hold Pankhuri’s hand and goes to his room!!!

In Kullu,
Devakar is worried about Pankhuri, thinking how they could be treated after all this Kailaash drama, Govardhan inturapt and say they always used to insult us for no reason, especially that ‘mata shre’ Avantika Devi 😛 .. He said she is surely now blaming us for all her family problems!! He further said that’s why I didn’t want to give them our daughter!!
Dada ji says to Govardhan to stop proving Adi and Pankhuri wrong !! He says if you agree or not we also made mistakes, like that Tilak ceremony one or about Adi’s fake illness romour!!
Dadaji Seeks Govardhan not to bring more problem to Pankhuri’s life with his anger, he seeks his to calm down!!
Devakar says, Pankhuri is my daughter!! If they wanna truoble her again I won’t keep silent this time!!

In Adi’s room
Pankhuri says she better stayed in Harish’s house until Avantika knows the truth!! Adi says why you are saying that ?. You know you didn’t make any mistake and this house is also yours now!!

Adi fools Pankhuri by closing the door, he keep coming closer to her, Pankhuri feeling confused and all tensed 😉 .. Adi come more closer Pankhuri step behind instill she finds the wall!! 😉 Adimlaughes and ask her to relax, and says he was just measuring her height 😛 he tells her she looks-like a cartoon now, just like before in Dads house 😛 Both Smiles 😀 Adi asks to keep this smile on her as she looks beautiful with it 😉
Adi says now after Maasi wakes up these problems will finally be solved!!

Harish’s house ..
Dadi asks about Preeti’s conditions and how’s Avantika is reacting
Harish says, Preeti is yet didn’t wake up and Avantika is blaming Pankhuri and her family for all the problems, Dadi worries for Pankhuri..
Harish says that he feels so proud on Adi and Pankhuri, how they made such a big step and tried to find Kailaash knowing that it could affect their relationship but yet they did it!! He hopes that no problems comes for them further now

In Kullu ..
Pushkar trying to calm Govardhan Mama, Govardhan mama shouts and asks him weather he has any idea what is going on in Mumbai right now with Pankhuri ?? Govardhan says no you can’t understand anything neither Dadaji will!! He says do you have any idea what that ‘Neeli Aankhon wala’ ‘s mother is doing there now ?? She surely is making a big drama there!! She is surely blaming our poor daughter Pankhuri for everything now!!
Pushkar says you are right but we have to respect the relations!!
Govardhan shouts ( baadh me jaye ) I don’t wanna show any respect … Whatever napping with Pankhuri now can’t be solved so easily
Pushkar says so what we should do now ? Govardhan says you don’t have to do anything … I will …
I will confront this ‘Geeta Rani’ to tell the truth and if I didn’t do that then my name is not Govardhan from Kullu!, ( ends his line with ‘CHUTKI BAJAKE’ ) 😉

( My view, I swear he has such hilarious dialogues 😛 )

Kailash calls up Vedika and says her that he will have to stay here for few days, Vedika shares her frustrations and their relations sour as Kailash says somewhere they were doing compromise all these 15 years and never quite accepted each other.

He further says he won’t come back until he asks forgiveness from Preeti… ( Adi hears all his convo )

PaYa in there room …
Adi asks Pankhuri if there is any relationship problems between Kailaash and his wife!, he says they looks different , Pankhuri says problems comes in every relationship
Now Adi says it means we will also have problems in the future we will have issues !!!

Adi makes the environment light and says … In the future you are making food and I dislike it, then you will be saying what happen to our old days when you used to praise my cooking order your Fav Pizza if you want!! Adi says then I will say that was old days when I used to praise fakely just to make you smile, and then you might get angry and decide to go away from me with your kids 😛
Both of them Laughes 🙂

Pankhuri now fakes her anger and says it means you don’t like my cooking even now?? You lied ?? Adi says why you fighting for something in the future?! Adi says he didn’t mean that !!
Pankhuri leaves and just before she leave the room she turn around and say are not the only one who can crack jokes 😛
Both laughes and smiles … 🙂

Kailaash in Preeti’s room .. All Sad ..
He tries to hold her hand but he hesitate and pulls his hand back .. Meanwhile Pankhuri comes there ..
Kailaash I could resist to see her that why I came here, he says he just want to say sorry for once then he will live peacefully in the end!! But what if she didn’t want to face me ? And drives me out before I speak a word ?!

In Kullu … Dadaji talking to his wife’s pic
Why Kailaash did that ?? He could tell me once I won’t refuse it!! His silence has damaged three lives 🙁 his Preeti’s and Vedika’s too ..
Ambika comes there Dadaji says .. See our daughter Pankhuri, she is doing what we taught her for her in-laws and for us too, she made us proud!! In the other hand Kailaash let us down, I won’t forgive him ever 🙁

Back to Preeti’s room …
Avantika and Anuj enter there, she asks Kailaash why he is here, Pankhuri about to tell But Avantika shouts she didn’t ask her ..
Kailaash says why you are talking like this to Pankhuri ?? I came here by myself … Avantika says no one talk to me in this tune :/ :/ understand ?? Once Preeti gets well the truth will come out …
Kailaash leaves …
Avantika sits besides Preeti, putting her jand on her head … and tell her to wake up and answer our all questions ..
Avantika asks where is the nurse ?? Tell her to stay here so no any strange one will come here ( she looks on Pankhuri then )

Episode ENDS …


Anuj saying to Kailaash he should talk to Avantika, on the other hand Sheela telling Avantika that Pankhuri is problem, without her support Kailaash wouldn’t stay here!

Update Credit to: f.s.m

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