Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 30th September 2013 Written Episode Update


Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 30th September 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 30th September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Chachiji asking Adi, whether he wants to teach song-dance to Revathi. She says she have to see this day. Adi asks do you have any problem. He says it is a music. Chachiji says you should have asked me or chachaji. Pankhudi reminds her of her conditions. Chachaji asks Revathi, whether she wants to learn music. Revathi nods in a yes. Chachaji says ok and says you learn music from today and no one will stop you. Revathi, Pankhudi and Anuj smiles. Adi says thank god, you have thought for your daughter. He asks Revathi to get ready. Pankhudi asks Anuradha to come along as they will go on shopping after dropping Revathi. Pankhudi asks her to not worry about Chachiji. Sheela jokes on Chachiji. Chachiji leaves in anger without having breakfast. Chachiji tells

Anuradha to refuse Pankhudi and tell her that she can’t come. She threatens her and says she will send her to her mother’s place. Kapil looks evilly.

Rubel tells Adi that he didn’t enter the premises of lawyer’s home as Chote nanu would have grown suspicious. Adi says he will go there after dropping Revathi. Kaira says she will stay at home and will keep an eye on chote nana and nani. Adi asks Pankhudi, what happened? Why she is giving upset one expressions? Pankhudi says she don’t want to talk to them. Rubel says he have an idea. Rubel, Kaira and Adi comes to her and says sorry, holding their ears. Pankhudi finally smiles.

Chachiji asks Chachaji, what he is thinking. He says he is thinking about Revathi’s happiness else he will think he is guilty. Chachiji tells Kapil that your father is feeling guilty. Chachaji says Adi came back and we shouldn’t do any mistake. He asks Kapil to stop that guy. Kapil says but. Chachaji asks him to call.

Anuradha comes to Pankhudi and Adi, and says she can’t come as she has some work. Adi asks whether Chachiji threaten you. Pankhudi tells her not to be scared of anyone as they are with them. Pankhudi and Adi leaves with Revathi.

Latika tells Rubel that she is thinking to buy gold jewellery but she don’t have money. Rubel signs on the cheque and gives her. Latika thanks him. She sees the amount to be 10000 and is shocked. Rubel says nobody knows about their fake marriage and nobody will know if she gets fake artificial jewellery. He asks her to go.

At the music class, Revathi sees Lata mangeshkar photo and smiles. Adi tells Pankhudi that one day he will sing on the road for her. you will be impressed. Rahul comes and asks Adi, how come he is there? Adi asks whether he came to learn music. Rahul replies that he is the music teacher. Adi asks him to teach music to Revathi. Rahul says he is part time music teacher. Rahul says he didn’t know that the new student is Revathi. He asks her not to be uncomfortable for the recent happenings. Pankhudi asks her not to worry as they will come back after her class ends.

Sheela comes to Rubel and says she has prepared kheer for him. Rubel says thanks. Sheela says it should have been done by Latika and curses her luck. She asks her to eat, but Rubel says he don’t want to have. Sheela says ok, have it in office. Sheela says tomorrow is your birthday and asks what do you want? Rubel says he don’t want anything as he have everything. Sheela says her son is very understanding.
She says she got a diamond button for him. She asks him to wear, Rubel obliges. Sheela asks for a return gift. Rubel is in thoughts. Sheela says she don’t want anything but she wants to care for him. Rubel says ok. you can call me by any name.

Avantika thinks to call Pankhudi. Pankhudi comes there and surprises her. Pankhudi asks her about Revathi’s enrollment in music class. Pankhudi says yes. Avantika says she needs assitance in making kachoris. Pankhudi goes to help her.

Adi calls kaira and says he is outside Bhatia’s office. He asks her to keep an eye on Chachaji and Chachiji’s moments and inform him. Kaira sees Chachiji and says ok, I will keep you posted. She starts taking photos. Sheela comes and stands in her view. Sheela asks her to take her photo. She asks her to make her portfolio. Adi messages Kaira, Chachiji thinks something is messed up.

Adi comes to Bhatia office and asks about him. He is informed that Bhatia left for airport and will return after 10 days. Adi thinks he have to get bhatia as he has the original will.

Pankhudi tells Avantika that she will pick Revathi and come back. Kaira thinks Chote nana went to mandir, and wonders what might be Chachiji and Kapil doing in their room. Sheela comes there and shouts for Kaira. She says her TV is not working and asks her to repair it. Kaira says she has work but Sheela hurriedly takes her. Chachiji taunts Sheela. Sheela asks her to start watching TV. Kaira forgets her phone, Chachiji comes and checks her phone. She reads Adi’s message and is shocked. Pankhudi is waiting for her car. Some goons watches her and calls Kapil. He tells kapil that this is the right time to kidnap this girl. Kapil orders him to keep an eye on her and not do anything. He will tell her what to do next. Car comes and Pankhudi sits in the car and leaves.

Chachiji comes to Kapil and tells him that Adi went to the lawyer’s office and now he is on the way to airport to get the lawyer. She asks Kapil to asks his goon to start the work because if Pankhudi is in any problem then Adi will leave the work and will come to save her. Kapil says ok.

Pankhudi’s car is stopped by the goons. She gets kidnapped and is taken in their car, meanwhile the driver gets beaten by the goons.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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