Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 30th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 30th October 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 30th October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Adi saying that he came back to take her back as he has promised her and will take her with him. Pankhudi smiles. Adi comes with his family. Harish tells Dadaji that they are sorry for not informing them before coming. Avantika tells him that if you think from your viewpoint then you will think they are justified. Govardhan mama says marriage is not a play. Harish says that Pankhudi’s happiness lies with Adi. He asks for Dadaji’s acceptance else they will not go. Sheela mami tells Govardhan mama that she will take care of Pankhudi. Chachaji says that time was wrong and their thinking went wrong. He tells Dadaji to feel proud of Adi and Pankhudi and says he and his family are better now because of them. Rubel says they are incomplete without Pankhudi

and Adi is incomplete without her. Pankhudi is his inspiration. Dadaji is thinking.

Adi says he thought how to convince him to allow Pankhudi to go with him. he says I know there is nothing for you beyond Pankhudi’s happiness. Dadaji says what if I don’t allow Pankhudi to go with you. Adi says then it is my luck. Dadaji says that they are better people to decide about Pankhudi. Adi says yes and says he loves Pankhudi more than anyone else. Dadaji asks, then why you had divorced her? Adi says to protect her. Dadaji tells him that you can’t love breaking the society norms but I was wrong. Adi says he knows about relations and he came to fight with him.

Sheela tells Dadaji that they loves Pankhudi, please give us Pankhudi. Chachaji says they got seperated because of him and says he got chunnari for her.

Dadaji says he wants to question Adi before taking the decision. He says he wants to give Pankhudi’s hand to someone who will never leave her. Adi says he will leave Pankhudi hand for her happiness but will be with her. Dadaji says he is satisfied and happy to get a groom like Adi for Pankhudi. Everyone smiles. Dadaji blesses them. Adi and Pankhudi thanks Dadaji. Adi asks Govardhan mama to agree too. Rubel and Sheela says that they will take Pankhudi. Govardhan mama agrees too. Dadaji says that they will give Pankhudi to her once their marriage is done with all the rituals. Harish says it is awesome. Avantika requests Dadaji to get the marriage done at their home in mumbai. Dadaji agrees.

Sheela says they will have fun and she will wear jewellery. Sheela asks Kannu to do the packing. Govardhan mama says they will come after 2 days. Dadaji asks them to sit and asks Ambika to prepare breakfast. Adi tells Pankhudi that he will take her in 2 days.

Sameer asks Preeti, why they asked for the test. Preeti says it is normal. She gets call informing her that Pankhudi is coming home after her remarriage with Adi with all the rituals. they gets happy.

Adi comes to Pankhudi and asks her why she is quiet. Pankhudi says she don’t want to marry. Adi says he is relieved and says he also don’t believed in rituals. pankhudi says she don’t have any problem with the rituals. Pankhudi says last time also you didn’t propose to me. Adi says ok. pankhudi asks him to propose her by sitting on his knees. Adi proposes her with loving words and wishes her Happy anniversary while the song Shukriya kaise karun plays.

Anuradha is feeding food to Chachiji. Chachiji asks Revathi to call Chachaji and asks whether everything is fine at Kulu. She says she will not forgive herself if dadaji didn’t agree to send Pankhudi. everyone comes home, Chachiji asks for Pankhudi. She thinks Dadaji didn’t agree and says she insulted them and that’s why he didn’t send Pankhudi. Adi comes with Pankhudi. Everyone smiles seeing them together.

Latika tells her mom that she will make them suffer for her insults. Her mom asks her to keep quiet for sometime. She says she knows what to do and says Deewan family have to pay for this.

Sheela announces that partition of this house will happen now itself, shocking everyone( May be she is dividing the two families to play some game or dumb charades,to enhance the happiness.)

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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