Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 30th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 30th July 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 30th July 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with Avantika recognising Manik chacha. Everyone gets surprised to see him for the first time. He tells Anuj that he knows, it is difficult for the son to lit the pyre but it the duty of the son. Manik chacha asks for forgiveness, standing infront of his dead body and cries. Anuj lits the pyre while the mantras is being chanted by the pandit. Pandit asks them to give the dead a happy farewell. He asks them to pray to Deewan saheb to give them strength. Pankhudi asks for the strength from Nanu and says she will fulfill all the promises made to him.

Avantika says she can’t believed, it happened so suddenly. Preeti says she didn’t remember about Manik chacha. Avantika says we were small at that time, may be that’s why didn’t remember anything about him.

Adi says he was not aware of him. Shanky informs them that Manik chacha and his wife, left home long ago. Sheela says why did they returned suddenly. Shanky says Saheb talked to him on phone and wants to meet his brother. Shanky says infact Saheb wanted Manik chacha to attend Preeti’s marriage. Adi consoles Shanky and asks him to prepare an exclusive dish which he used to cook for Nanu. Shanky gives something to eat, Adi eats and appreciates it. Pankhudi looks on sadly. Adi tells him not to cry.

Rubel is sitting upset and sad. Latika says why you are sitting upset, Dadaji was old man and he have gone. She says you have done a good acting and cried as if you are affectionate towards him. Rubel asks her to shut up and says he wasn’t acting. He says he had grudges against him but he was his grand father. Pankhudi mother comes to her and tells that it was a shocking that Deewan saheb left us. She asks her to take care of Adi and all the family.

Manik chacha tells all the family members that they might be surprised with his return. He says he did such a thing that he didn’t face his brother and says he talked with him and he said he wanted to talked to me about something important. Avantika asks what Dad wants to talk to you? Manik chacha says he dont know. he says I reached yesterday night but didn’t meet him and got late. Dadaji says it was his love that you came at the right time. Manik chacha says i was wrong, not to meet him. He says sorry, Adi says Nanu will be happy that you have returned. Pankhudi comes with the tea, Manik chacha takes tray from her and serves tea to everyone.

Dadaji comes to Nanu’s room with Adi and Pankhudi. He says he got a call from him last night and he was upset that we didn’t attend Preeti’s marriage. He says he felt peace in his voice. He says he left us alone to play with the new generation and cries. Adi looks at Nanu’s chair and says this chair will be here at this place only. Dadaji leaves. Pankhudi gets emotional seeing the gramaphone and says Nanu asked me to keep it with me.

Latika, Sheela and Rubel talked about Manik Chacha. Sheela says she wasn’t aware of him until now. Rubel says he is not understanding anything. Manik chacha talks to his family members and asks them to come soon. He sits on Nanu’s chair and weeps. Preeti tells Avantika that everyone left. She says 3 days have gone. Avantika says Dad wanted them to get busy with their lives. Avantika says you are staying here till 12th, Is Mrs. Deshpande is okay with it. Preeti says her mother in law asked her to stay here.

All the family sits for the prayer meet. Manik chacha says he is sad about the loss of his brother. He says we have to support everyone. Sheela thinks chachaji is trying to become daddyji. Rubel agrees with her. The episode ends on her arrogant face.

The lawyer is reading Nanu’s will inpresence of all the family members.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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