Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 30th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 30th January 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 30th January 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Sheila Mami crying out loud and shouting that she will leave the house, Rubel now comes and incites Adi and Adi starts a squabble with Rubel and things are beginning to get out of control. Anuj asks both of them not to fight like kids, Nana too tries to stop them and reign the behavior of Rubel, Rubel is showing aggressiveness like this is my house and all so as to incite Adi to quarrel

Meanwhile, Rubel says to Avantika that because of Pankuri Adi is now behaving irrationally and not even giving Avantika the respect she deserves and these words incite Adi even more, he asks Rubel to just shut up and not to interfere in Mother-Son relationship

Pankuri now comes up and says she will leave the house so that everyone can leave in peace. She says if so many people can’t stand the presence of her in the house, then there is no use staying here and hurting others’ sentiments and she better leave

Adi says that is never going to happen and she will have to back off from this stupid decision

Pankuri takes leave of Nana and says she cannot unite the family and failed to make his dream come true.

Nana says he doesn’t want that now, it matters little now and he would never like to ruin Pankuri’s life for that matter.

Pankuri says that uniting the broken family became a responsibility for her and she willingly took it but now failed, so taking leave such that no one else has to leave the house because of all these

Adi says this is a really stupid decision and asks her not to leave house. He says nothing major has happened such that she will have to leave the house and he will ensure that no one insults Pankuri or her family and even if anyone isults he just don’t care about that.

Pankuri says it is her life and she should be allowed to take decisions.

Adi gets stunned, says from when this has started becoming only her and what about the vows that they will be together and will take decisions unitedly

Sheila is quietly enjoying and saying to herself that Pankuri who had taken the big responsibility of uniting family, is now going away with her own relation in shambles

Pankuri says firmly she will go, and leaves the place. Kailash was later asking Pankuri why she took this extreme step and says Adi is heart-broken and very much upset at her decision. Pankuri says she has to stand firm with her decision otherwise Adi won’t have let her go

In his room, Adi throws tantrums, says to Shanky that no sign of Pankuri’s clothes or items should be present in his room, he wants to stay away from any thoughts of Pankuri

Adi finally decides to stop Pankuri and Kailash from going away to kullu, Avantika says he may go but when the truth will come out it will hurt him even more and he will be shocked to learn how Pankuri’s family cheated them, Adi doesn’t listen to Avantika and gets going.

Adi reaches just in time before they were about to leave for kullu, says he wants them back now till Preeti maasi regains consciousness and this is his decision and Pankuri will have to abide by it as he is Pankuri’s husband

Kailash says he is very happy and before leaving for Chandigarh he can at least witness that Adi has finally managed to convince PaYa to return and he won’t be feeling guilty now. He was saying that he would have otherwise felt guilty that he was the reason behind the PaYa relation getting soured

Adi says he is going nowhere and he will also accompany them back to the house and wait till Preeti Maasi regains consciousness to resolve all misunderstandings and disputes

Pankuri says she would have been better off had she stayed at Harish’s house, Adi says she has as much right in this house as well as Adi has. Adi locks the door Pankuri has a confused and shocked look

Update Credit to: SAIBALROUTH

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