Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 30th August 2013 Written Episode Update


Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 30th August 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 30th August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with the CBI officer asking Adi,whether this cabin is his. Adi says yes, but someone is trying to frame him. Anuj says we need to talk. Officer asks Anuj to go out as he needs to interrogate Adi. Anuj says he will talk to his lawyer. Adi says some is trying to trap him. CBI officer asks Adi to cooperate them. Adi gets a call but CBI officer doesn’t allow him to pick the call. Avantika wonders why Adi isn’t picking her call. Harish says he talked to Anuj and he said fake notes was recovered from Adi’s cabin. Avantika says that work is surely done by the old man chachaji.

Preeti tells Sadanand and Nirmala that she have to go to the office urgently and asks them to inform Sameer. Nirmala asks what happened? Sadanand says let her go as she is in hurry.

Preeti says she can tell about the problem only after guaging the situation at the office. Nirmala tells Sadanand that Preeti was looking worried. Sameer comes and Nirmala informs him that Preeti went to office. She looked tensed.

Officer asks Adi, since when he started the fake note racket and who else is involved. Adi says he is innocent and tries to make him understand that he is trapped by someone.
Manik chacha laughs and says Adi had threatened the lawyer but he is trapped now. He tells Kapil and Chachiji that Adi have only 1 day left for showing the original will. Anuradha comes and asks shall she serve the food. Kapil tells Anuradha to leave, Kapil tells Chachiji that Preeti came when he was leaving from the office. He says he went there to check whether Rubel did their work or not as he cannot trust Rubel. Chachiji says we shall go to the office and check ourself.

Preeti comes and asks about Adi. Anuj informs her that fake note was discovered from Adi’s cabin. preeti remembers that she spotted someone outside Adi’s cabin and comes to conclusion that it must be that man’s work. She says she complained to the police but was not able to inform the family. Avantika says it must be chachaji’s work. Anuj says you are blaming Chachaji, did you have any proof. Anuj asks her not to create any scene. Pankhudi tells Avantika that we have to think about the way out. Kaira calls Anuj and asks about Adi. Revathi asks about Adi and says did CBI people will do anything with Adi.

Officer asks Adi to accept his doings. Adi says he is not guilty and will not accept the charges. Latika tells Rubel that he have to take the responsiblity of complete deewan empire. Rubel says he will prove his worth. Chacha comes to office and Anuj informs him that someone kept the fake notes in Adi’s cabin to frame him. Kapil thinks he have to find his toy. Adi comes out and everyone looks at him. Officer says he needs to check Adi’s house. Avantika says Adi is innocent.

Preeti shows the FIR to the officer. He asks them to cooperate.
Harish says we will do something and asks Adi not to worry. Sameer takes Kapil to home. CBI officer comes and says they will search the house. Kaira asks for the search warrant. Rubel says Adi can’t do anything like that. officer says they don’t need any warrant and asks his men to continue the search. Anuj asks him to continue and says you will not get anything from our house. Sheela asks Rubel, are you involved in this. Rubel says no. Some officers comes to the senior officer and shows some packets. He looks at it and says you are involved in drug too along with fake note racket. Adi is shocked.

Everyone looks at Kaira. Officer asks are you into drugs as it came from your room. Adi asks him not to asks any question from his sister. He asks Kaira did you take drugs. Harish says it must be a misunderstanding. Officer says Adi have to come with them for further interrogation as his son had done the crime which is non bailable offence. Manik chacha starts acting and says hey bhagwan.Officer says he should have thought about it before. Adi says lets go.

Preeti says she saw that man there and says they may get something as that man bumps into something. Kapil toy pieces are shown.


Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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