Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 2nd October 2013 Written Episode Update


Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 2nd October 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 2nd October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Sheela blaming pankhudi. Anuj asks her to calm down for Rubel’s sake. He says Pankhudi is not at fault. Sheela cries miserably. Sheela says her son had saved Pankhudi and he got injured. Everyone used to badmouthed about him, what he got becoming good.

Inspector comes to take the statement of Adi and Pankhudi. Latika thinks of Chachiji involvement on Rubel’s condition. Chachiji wonders how Rubel reached there and thinks Latika and Rubel are fooling them.

Sadanand says prices are rising of vegetables. Preeti tells Sadanand that prices will fall for vegetables soon. Sadanand says Inflation doesn’t make any difference to rich people. Nirmala says Preeti is saying just like that. Sameer gives him courier. Sadanand reads the letter. Sameer

asks what happened? Sameer sees the paper and tells them that it is a letter for the publishing house. They agreed to publish dad’s book. Sadanand says once his book is published, he will asks the persons who think him as useless writers. Preeti says it is their loss, whoever didn’t recognised his talent.Nirmala praises Preeti and says it is possible because of preeti. She is going to the publishers from many days. Sadanand thanks her and says he is not talking about the juice. Preeti smiles.

Chachiji asks Latika, how did Rubel reach there? And why he saved pankhudi and messed up with his life. Latika says she didn’t know, how Rubel reached there. She threatens Latika and says if they are fooling them then it is not good for her. She won’t spare her if they gets caught.

Sadanand recalls something. Flashback is shown where Chachiji asks Sadanand to sit in her car and offers him money for his daughter’s operation. She asks him to seperate preeti and sameer. Sadanand says I can’t imagine to seperate Preeti and Sameer’s marriage even in dream and gives her the money. Chachiji tells him to get ready for his daughter’s death. FB ends. Sadanand thinks why did I became so weak that time. Preeti comes and asks Dad, what happened? Sadanand says he is fine and he is not able to believe that his book is going to publish. Preeti says why you are talking about that. She says I accept that book is publishing late but it is fine. She gets Adi’s call.

Inspector talks with Adi and says he will keep him inform if he gets to know any info. He asks them whether he suspect anyone. Adi says no. Pankhudi asks Adi, where he is going? Adi says he is feeling helpless. He can’t save him. He says he won’t spare them if anything happens to Rubel. Kaira informs Adi that Rubel’s operation was done. Chachiji thinks something is there, why Rubel saved pankhudi and risks his life.

Sheela asks the doctor about Rubel. She asks can I see him. Doctor says sorry and says you can’t go inside. He informs them that his operation is not successful. He needs special care. Adi asks what do you mean? Doctor says they have tried their best. He is in coma right now. Everyone are shocked. Chachiji is relieved. Doctor informs them that he went into partial coma because of the head injury. Doctor informs him that he can get treatment in Chennai as there is some good neurosurgeon. Avantika says I had consulted many doctors in Chennai for harish and tells Anuj that she will help him. Chachiji looks at Pankhudi.

Revathi comes home with Rahul. Anuradha informs them about Rubel. Revathi says she will go to the hospital. Anuradha says there is no one to take you to the hospital. Rahul says he will drop her. Anuradha says she have to send the food for everyone. Shanky comes and tells her that they have to prepare food. Chachaji tells Kapil that they came here for the property and not to kill anyone. Chachiji says they didn’t do anything. Chachaji asks then who did it? Chachiji says someone might have did it as Pankhudi is the owner of the wealth. And she diverts the topic and says how did Rubel reached there to save Pankhudi. And why did he risks his life.

Preeti and Sameer reaches to the hospital. Preeti asks about the Pankhudi kidnapping. Avantika says for property. Avantika taunts at Chachiji indirectly. Chachiji asks what do you mean. Avantika says her nephew is in the hospital batting for his life and she don’t want to talk about property. Sheela, Anuj and Kaira enters the ward to see Rubel. Sheela cries miserably. Kaira consoles her.

Anuj leaves, unable to see rubel in that condition. Kaira asks Sheela to come out. Sheela recalls her last conversation with Rubel. She calls him golgappa and cries. She comes out of the ward and cries saying he was to celebrate his birthday but… Preeti says nothing will happen to him. Pankhudi cries too.

Pankhudi comes to Anuj and says sorry. Anuj break down and cries. Latika wonders whether Rubel is supporting Adi and Pankhudi. She thinks what will happen if he knows the truth and what will happen if anything happens to him.

Avantika asks Chachaji and his family to leave the hospital as they are unconcerned. She asks them to leave the hospital premises in 10 mins or else she will do it and you know that.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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