Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 2nd May 2013 Written Episode Update


Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 2nd May 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 2nd May 2013 Written Update

Shiela is getting increasingly nervous when Kaira cuts and keeps on cutting the calls, predictably she begins to moan about Kaira’s lot..Pankhudi tries to decrease her fears but she had not reckoned on latika who tries to feed Shiela’s fears..

Shiela decides to call Manan , forthwith she hastens to Manan’s room to root out his number from diary or any source ..Pankhudi and Shiela head to Manan’s room with Pankhudi leaving her mobile .. Kaira calls pankhudi’s number, Latika attends the mobile since she is still int the room, Latika overhears kaira’s message where she tells Pankhudi thatshe will be late and that she is shutting the phone down..Latika pretends to be Pankhudi and agrees to inform Shiela..

The Mini Twister shiela twists her way

to Manan’s room and begins to search, but her search is fruitless.. In the interim , Shiela has pulled out a set of clothen and unknown to her , a diary falls.. Hyper shiela calls Anuj and orders him home…

Pankhudi’s eyes falls on the diary and she realizes that Things are not cut and dried about Manan and that he had actually lied..

Latika prepares herself to relish the upcoming Saga.


Shiela and the whole family are tensed .. all convinced that Kaira has met some unfortunate situation..Anuj decides to go for the police * First time I have seen him deciding* Shiela hitches herself to Anuj..They head out towards their car, when a cab comes in bearing Adi, Kaira n Manan..

Shiela begns to scold Kaira but Kaira informs them that her vehicle broke down in the middle of the road and Adi stopped n helped them * Mumbai ke saare raste kya telepathically connected hai that it leads Dewan to the help of another Dewan * ..


Kaira and Manan stranded in the middle of the road , wondering ..when cab stops and Adi steps out..Intro happens between Adi and Manan..



Shilea drag in Kaira and gives her a blasting that would have flattened the cities of the world..not to be outdone, Kaira returns the volley which would have blasted off towns of the world… The United Nations, Pankhudi enters the fray and promptly comes under gunfire ..Kaira’s and Shiela turn thir fire power on Pankhudi , Kaira demands to know why Pankhudi did not inform Mom, Mom states that she is severely disappointed in Pankhudi ..while Pankhudi flutters like a confused bird ..

Anuj gets angry and scolds Kaira for her baseless accusation’s.. Kaira glares at Pankhudi …All leave.. Pankhudi realizes that this mischief was Latika’s handiwork and a mini confrontation occurs .. with a preening Latika and a softy Pankhudi… Pankhudi vows to be the Berlin wall between Latika and Dewan’s.

we are also taught the Moral lesson of the Day :

“TRUTH ALWAYS WINS” ..but the seductive Latika laughs it away ..Truth may win but lies have all the fun !! *This is the Sub-message I gotwa*

Pankhudi hurries out..tensed about the late hours , Anuj hears her babbling and offers to drop her nearby her home. Pankhudi agrees reluctantly ..

In Naman’s house, Neha is being certified as the Bahu of all bahu’s by her MIL & FIL..


Anuj has reached the neighborhood of Pankhudi’s house and stops well short of Harish’s house..Pankhudi thanks him and alights down ..only to be startled out her wits to stare like a fluttering bird * forgive my one word comparison, but Madame gives one expression and I amstaying true to script * …we are graciously invited to see what startled her and are immensely gratified to see Adi , gaping at her in puzzlement ..


Avantika serves dinner, Pankhudi walks in , Avantika is relived , only for it to be cut short when she sees Adi following her…Pankhudi as usual is chewing gum and is unable to utter a word..

Update Credit to: Tanthya

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