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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 2nd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ayesha in the changing room where a camera is fixed. Nilofer does her packing. Ruksaar says you have fever, we can go later. Nilofer says no, I told Harish we will leave. Shanky comes and asks them to come as Sheela is calling Nafisa. Nilofer says it has to be about Rubel. Adi calls out Ayesha for his medicines. He realizes she has gone. He calls her and another girl takes the call. The girl says she is in changing room, getting ready for photoshoot, at Arif’s bungalow. Adi says is she in any problem. Sheela asks Anuj can Rubel have any affair, I know Payal is blaming Rubel to hide her mistakes. Payal says I m saying the truth.

Nafisa comes there with Nilofer and Ruksaar. Payal goes to her and drags her inside. She says here is she, now ask her what is right and

whats wrong. She asks Nafisa to tell everyone, what she said in her room. Nani asks whats going on. Sheela asks her to be quiet. Sheela asks Nafisa whats the truth. She asks did you tell Payal that you and Rubel have an affair. Adi says calm down. Payal says why, you could not handle this situation. Anuj asks Adi did he knew this. Sheela says my son can’t do this.

Rubel comes in. Sheela asks him to tell the truth, does he have any affair with Nafisa. Rubel says mum, I don’t have any affair with Nafisa. He says we were more than friends and I got attracted to her. Payal cries. Rubel says trust me, I did not do anything wrong. Payal cries and claps. Sheela is shocked. Payal says I know the truth, I m sure he has an affair. Sheela slaps Nafisa. She says how dare you trap my son, she came closer to my son. Nilofer defends Nafisa.

She says its Nafisa’s mistake, but also Rubel’s, he is married then why did he do this. Sheela says did your daughter not know my son is married. She taunts Nilofer. They argue. Sheela says if the world knows this, they will taunt you. Rubel says stop it. Adi says I know they did mistake, but now they have stopped being in contact. Payal says I know it all. Anuj says trust Adi and Rubel. Payal says no dad, why did Rubel hug Nafisa in lawn in morning. Nafisa cries.

Rubel says mum listen to me. Sheela says nothing, first I will deal with Nafisa. She says ine trapped Adi and one trapped my son. Nafisa says don’t talk to my mum like this. Nilofer faints and Rubel holds her. Sheela asks Rubel not to care for her. She scolds Rubel and says your first marriage broke, be careful, else I won’t be able to save your second marriage. She says Payal did many mistakes, but what Rubel did, Payal’s mistakes are forgiven. She says if you try to cheat my bahu again, I will forget I have a son. Sheela leaves. Adi goes to meet Ayesha.

Arif gives the file to Ayesha and she leaves. Arif smiles. She comes out and tears all the proof of Pankhudi’s death. Adi comes there and meets her. He asks what is she doing here, she missed her flight. She says I came to take stipend. He says about photoshoot. She says she helps Arif. He says no, tell me everything. She lies. He says no. She thinks about Arif’s words. She asks whats the problem. She thinks about Adi. She says as I love you. He is shocked and looks at her. He says what are you saying. She says I m not saying a lie, I love you and its not my mistake, why are you so good.

She says I know you love Pankhudi and not me. He says are you mad. Whats your problem. She thinks what did she say. She comes out of her imagination. She says I did not wish to leave my family here. He says lets go home now. Music plays……………… Oof kya jadoo mohabbat hai…………plays………………. He holds her hand and makes her sit in the car. She looks at him. He ties the seat belt getting closer to her.

The doctor checks Nilofer and asks her not to travel and take rest. Adi brings Ayesha home. Sheela says lets admit her in hospital, now she can’t be in our outhouse. Nani says you can’t go from here till you get well. Payal says I don’t get this, as you are supporting Rubel and Nafisa. Nani says I m not supporting them, but by humanity. Adi brings Ayesha home. Ayesha asks what happened to her mum. Nilofer asks why did she come back. Ayesha says I left my flight. She says I can’t go without you. Anuj asks Adi where did he get her. Ayesha says I met Adi on the way. Adi is shocked seeing her lie.

Adi is shocked to see Pankhudi’s pic in dead people list.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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