Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 2nd February 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 2nd February 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 2nd February 2013 Written Update

The MahaEpisode starts with Kailaash in Preeti’s room, Preeti open her eyes and see Kailaash she get shocked and all angry and starting throwing things on him ( not sure what exactly was )
everyone comes to the room …

Preeti shouts on Kailaash ‘Get lost , how dare you come in my house, why you came here ?! Wanna take my advantage, wanna make me a joke, she asks again how dare he to send that blackmailing letter!! *Adi trying to calm her, she pushed Adi and threw another thing on Kailaash , but in hit Sheela instead
Preeti says see This coward Adi, he didn’t get the blackmailing money so he came here for it!!
Pankhuri tries to calm Preeti and tell her that we brought him here, he came her to ask forgiveness, just give him a chance to speak!! Preeti shouts NO!! I know he is your uncle but you don’t know how cheap this man is!! You know what he did for me !!

Avantika shocked and Ask then he is that man!!! Tears come stream and down Avantika’s face ..
Preeti says yes he is that man he is that cuprit, who ruined my whole life Infact who ruined this family’s happiness!!
Mamai poke her nose to add some fuel in fire :/ she says how much she faced in her life coz of you ( Kailaash ) ..
Preeti goes angerly to Kailaash says what did you think, you came here to explain yourself and I will trust you again ?? Kailaash just tries to say something but Preeti just don’t let him speak

Preeti asks how this man came in the house ?? Just get him out from here, I don’t wanna see his face( shouts ), Adi also now tries to calm her and tell Her just listen to him for once!!
Preeti shouts why this man is standing here ?? Then she herself took his hand and get rid of him

They come down the Stairs Avantika calms her and tell that she needs rest now!! Preeti yet shouts that sh won’t listen to anyone until this man is standing here!! Adi comes and tell her Atleast listen to me if you don’t wanna listen to him..
Preetii asks Adi what you wanna say ? That he is feeling guilty for his mistakes ?? Even if he says sorry but my life’s 15 years won’t come back?!?! NO!! Will his sorry can reduce whatever me, di ( Avantika ) and Jeeju ( Harish ) have been through in our lives ?!? NO AND NEVER!!! , some mistakes can’t be forgiven Adi!!
Harish comes there and tell not to be so hyper, Atleast listen to him for once!! Preeti says NO!!

Preeti goes to Pankhuri and tell her you know I love you but I hate this man, but yet you brought him here, you are his niece knowing that I never felt something bad towards you!! Me and Harish tried a lot that this matter don’t ever reveal to anyone so that you won’t get hurt!!

Preeti gets more hyper and run towards Kailaash saying ( GET OUT from here ) but Adi holds her..

Sheela poking her nose AGAIN :/ saying how Shamless man you are ( pointing Kailaash ) then Sheela asks him how can a girl live after she knows that she is unmarried pregnant!! What the society will think about her, how could you leave her in this situation .. Blah blah blah :/ :/
Nanu now enters the scene saying Preeti have decided she won’t listen to you so you better leave from here .. Adi says NO, I agree Maasi’s anger is justified, but she has to express her pain, otherwise her past will always be behind her!! If Maasi don’t listen to him then how she will get answers of her questions ??

Anuj speaks now saying we can’t force preeti to listen to him ?? Rubel also support his dad saying if bua don’t wanna listen to him then he should get out from here!!!
Rubel trying to be smart asking Adi weather he won’t be angry this time after all I am talking to his dear wife’s family member!!?!

Preeti inturapt saying HEY on Rubel Rubel’s face!! Says don’t make this argument a family issue!! This matter is between me and Kailaash, my family neither Pankhuri’s family has nothing to do with it!! Don’t make a personal matter a family issue

Pankhuri comes and calms Preeti saying ok things will happen just like you want .. Don’t stress yourself your health is more important!!

Preeti goes to Kailaash now .. Telling him to speak whatever he wants .. ..
She says learn something from them ( Adi Pankhuri ) they knew if your name got revealed their relationship will be affected, yet they didn’t get scared, said the truth and brought you here ..

Kailaash start speaking ” I came here with some dreams, but I couldn’t fulfill them, but when you came in my life I thought … ” ( the mute his voice .. We didn’t listen to anything ”
Kailaash told her the whole thing, he told her he didn’t know she was pregnant, If I knew that I wouldn’t leave you at any cost!! Why you didn’t tell me that ? She said you weren’t here when I knew that!!!
Harish says yes I even come to Kullu to search you but I didn’t find you !!

Preeti says I am ready to accept every little word of you but you had 15 years Kailaash .. Why you didn’t come before for once ?? ( Cries ) my life has been ruined … Completely ruined ( Preeti cries loudly and all shattered )

Kailaash come closer to her and says I was so scared to face you, I didn’t have the courage.. Credit goes to Adi Pankhuri who encouraged me to come here .. He says I know I don’t have the right to ask forgiveness, I have made many sins, many mistakes … but yet i am asking .. Can you forgive me ??? Preeti crying and didn’t utter a word!!

Kialaash also seeks forgiveness from the whole family!!

Rubel and Mamai are glad no one asked about that letter …

After a while … Guptas enter the house … Everyone shocked seeing them ..

Dada ji starts talking to Nanu… Asking forgiveness for what his son did by destyong his whole family and ruining Preeti’s life!!! He says you can punish him with whatever you want!!

Dadaji says, he came just Becoz that their past don’t affect their children’s future, Nanu says, whatever your son did it won’t affect our relations at any cost!!!

Nanu says someone is playing a dirty game with us,

Dadaji says the way this is truth that Kaillash did such big mistake, kailaash is also my son …

Govardhan inturapt and says there is no benefit with this, we came also to tell them the truth, the all misunderstanding happen between us has someone behind it!!! And I brought that one with us ..

Avantika says which truth you came up with now, whenever you come instead of solving, things get even worse!!

Dadaji says you always use to blame us with everything, now we should have chance to explain …

Govardhan goes and brought Geeta .. Everyone get shocked, Anuj, Rubel and Sheela got scared!!

Govardhan tell here to expose the truth now … After a while Geeta points her finger on Sheela Diwan!!!! Geeta says she told me to do all this and gave me lots of money !!

Everyone get shocked with this …
Both Nanu and Avantika question Sheela about it ??
Adi says Why Mami … How can you be so cheap ?? Preeti also
Nanu says I warned you already when you went to Kullu without informing anyone … What is this now ?
Pankhuri asks Sheela what my family have done for you ??
Harish says .. Instead of me you should be an actor!!! Didn’t expect you will do this .. But I think no one else could do that except you!!

Rubel speaks now saying what’s wrong with all of you ?? Why you all are believing this women ?? And cross-questioning my mom ?? He said she might get paid to blame my mom this this time also

Sheela shouts ‘STOP Rubel’… And start her naughtanky :// and nonsense ( bakwaas ) speeches :/ trying to prove herself innocent
She says how you all believe this cheap women who DEOS everything in sake of some money.. She goes and questions Geeta why she is lying ?? When I I gave you many to do this … I met you first time in That anniversary paty … Blah blah blah ( unnecessary BAKWAAS )

She is going to everyone and trying to prove how ‘seedhi sadhi’ she is :// now she goes to Pankhuri, saying you know I am with you always and you know how my heart is so pure, she says you are from a small town like me so you will understand I have no problem with your family!!!

Then she goes to Dada ji doing the same thing :/ :/

Then Govardhan mama says you know better what’s your problem with us!! Anuj inturapt and says I have full in my wife she won’t do anything like this …

Adi says I will speak with this Geeta .. Sheela says why you want to talk to her ?? It mean you also don’t trust me :@ :/ and give some crocodile tears ..

Avantika goes to Geeta asking her, if she is the one who gave you money to do this then she must have told you her aim also ?? Geeta says I don’t know her aim .. Sheela takes advantage and says see it proves she is lying ..
Govardhan Asks Avantika what she says about this … Sheela goes to Avantika seeking she hasn’t done anything and not to trust this cheap lady ( Geeta ) … And says you should understand Guptas plan in this … They must forced her to say this otherwise they won’t make her live peacefully in Kullu!!
Devakart says ENOUGHT Sheela, Atleast now accept your mistake.. He says last time this same lady blamed us and everyone believed her and now when she is saying she did this Becoz of Sheela so why no one is accepting that now ?
Sheela says anyone can make her speak anything by some Money!!and I know what kind of people you are ( she is pointing Guptas )

Kailaash open his mouth saying my family members CAN NEVER do such a cheap thing, they are well-mannered people, I made a mistake NOT my family, why you are blaming them for my mistake ??
Preeti also says Sheela to stop her nonsense!!!

Sheela says now I will prove I did nothing wrong !

Sheela starts Asking Geeta where what how when they met ?? And how much she paid her ? ( in-short she is trying to confuse Geeta so she can not give a proper answer ) for which Sheela takes advantage…

Rubel says i cant see my mom getting humiliated any more!!! Mami fakes her tears!! ://

In the end everyone is confused weather Geeta is saying the truth or not !!! -_-

Nanu shouts ENOUGH its enough, I don’t wanna hear another word now … Nanu tell Geeta to get our otherwise he will call the police …

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