Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 29th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 29th October 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 29th October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Sheela coming to Deewan Mansion and tells Latika, why she fooled them. Rubel comes and bashes her for fooling them and aborting his child. Avantika says Sheela told them what she had done in Chennai. Kaira tells everyone that she had mess with her life and Pankhudi told her everything. Latika says she did wrong and says sorry. She says she did everything as Chachaji’s family might have done the magic on him. Latika tells them that she loves Rubel. Rubel asks her to surrender herself if she surely loves her. Adi says don’t do that and taunts Latika. Latika says I still have proof against Rubel. Avantika says you must have the copies of the proof. Anuj tells her not to lie and says Chachiji tells them that she didn’t have any proof. Harish tells her

that he checked the phone. Sheela asks her to leave from the home and from their lives. She is about to throw her, but Latika says she won’t go. She blames sheela and Rubel for playing games to get the property. Rubel says we did wrong to get the property but when we realised it, we did change. Rubel asks her, did she changed for better. Rubel slaps her. Latika shouts at him. Adi says who will believe her. Latika says she won’t go anywhere and is Rubel’s wife. Sheela says you will go for sure. Latika says she will complain to the police. Sheela hurts her hand, grabs her by the hairs and throws on the ground. She asks her not to show her face again.

Sheela closes the door. Latika thinks to take revenge on them. Chachiji gains consciousness and cries. Chachaji asks her not to cry, She says she is blinded by the wealth and her greed took her here. She says God punished me for my sins. She says she didn’t become a good wife and mother. She asks Kapil to come to her. She gets up but falls on the bed. Rubel tells everyone that he married the wrong girl. Preeti feels dizziness. Sheela thinks she is pregnant and tells about the symptoms. Sheela says Preeti will give the good news. Adi congrats her. Avantika calls Sameer. Kapil comes to Chachiji. Chachiji asks for forgiveness from him. She says she has lost the right of his mother. Kapil melts down and cries holding her hands. Chachiji says sorry and cries. Chachiji says sorry to Revathi and Anuradha. Anuradha tells her that she will be their mom always. Chachaji says he have to do the important work.

Sameer is talking on phone. Nirmala asks Preeti not to work in kitchen. Sameer says mom is right and says no office work and late night work. Nirmala says no outside food. Sameer gets happy and says he will not have outside food too. Preeti says let it confirmed first. Sadanand comes, sameer tells him that he is going to become grand father and his responsibilities will increase soon. Preeti feels pain, Nirmala asks Sameer to take Preeti to the doctor for the checkup.

Pankhudi is recalling Adi’s words that he will come to take her after 2 days. Pankhudi says she knows that he will come surely as it is our first anniversary. She recalls their wedding and her grah pravesh. She recalls Adi’s confession of love and smiles. She recalls the karwachauth fast and recalls Adi’s loving words. She smiles recalling them. She imagines Adi calling her, she turns around and sees him. Adi wishes her Happy Anniversary. She smiles while the title song plays. She is about to apply the sindoor, just then Ambika asks her to come downstairs. She thinks Adi has come. She come downstairs and asks about Adi. Govardhan mama tells her that he didn’t come. Pankhudi says he will come for sure. Govardhan mama says Adi, Harish and Avantika didn’t call them once. Pankhudi says she talked with them. Mama says they should have talked with Dadaji.

Govardhan mama asks her to sign on the papers. Pankhudi says she won’t sign on any papers and tells Dadaji that she can’t stay here any longer and is going to Mumbai. just then Adi comes and the sindoor in her hand falls down on her as she bumps into him. She smiles seeing him and touch her forehead to feel the sindoor. She tells him that she knew that he will come. Adi says I did come as I have promised you. I came here to take you with me.

Adi tries to convince Dadaji to allow him to take Pankhudi with him. Dadaji says what if I don’t allow her.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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