Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 29th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 29th March 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 29th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Rubel reacting to Nani’s words. Kaira cries hugging Sheela. Vikram asks Preeti not tot talk about work and says why don’t you come with us to the resort. Preeti says I was thinking I would go with Sameer. Vikram says you will be late. She agrees. He says don’t worry about Sameer, I will talk to him. He asks her to take the gift boxes to the car. He says today I will bend the Diwaans. Everyone reach the resort. Nani says don’t disturb me before the function starts, I m going to rest. Anuj goes to see Bau ji and Mama. Avantika says Pankhudi has patience to bear Nani. Sheela says I m worried that everything should go on fine. Adi says don’t worry, we are here.

Rubel says yes, tonight is special for Kaira. Sameer says Preeti will be coming with

Vikram. Adi asks Pankhudi what happened. Pankhudi says will Nani go today. he says you do something and stop her. She smiles. Rubel does the arrangements. Adi says lets go and get ready. Rubel says I m tensed about Nani, I don’t want her to spoil anyone’s mood. Adi says just chill. Rubel says its my sister’s marriage. Adi says is she not my sister. Rubel says sorry, i did not mean that way.

Adi says its our sister’s marriage, we have to look good, relax and get ready. Preeti comes with Vikram. Sameer’s mum is angry seeing her. Vikram says lets go and check the venue. Harish asks Varun and Amrita to get ready. Amrita tells we made some jewellery to give to Kaira but we don’t get the delivery today, I m afraid if Vikram comes to know about this, he will get angry. Harish asks any options. She says I think I should go and buy something. He says you can give the jewellery after the wedding. She says I will go. Harish says I will come with you.

Sameer’s mum asks Preeti why did you not inform us that you are coming with Vikram. Preeti says Vikram informed Sameer. Preeti argues with her and says what do you want, I should quit the job and bear your taunts. Vikram says we will give the jewellery and payment will be done by Diwaans. Amrita comes with Avantika. Vikram is shocked thinking Amrita should have gone with Harish. Avantika says I have bought the jewellery. Vikram says what was the need for you to spend. She says its our family jeweller, it would be fine if you pay after the marriage. She leaves. Vikram scolds Amrita. Amrita says i was talking to Harish and Avantika and Pankhudi came.

Vikram says I realized you are useless, I told you to talk to Pankhudi but….. He sees the bills and says Rs. 80 lakhs. He tears the cheque and says I won’t spare you, just wait and watch. Amrita gets worried. Preeti says we should talk to Nani for the last time. Avantika agrees. Adi holds Pankhudi. She says let me go. Kaira gets ready. Payal comes to her and says why are you sitting here alone. Kaira says give me 5 mins, you go, I will come. Payal jokes and leaves. Kaira stops Rubel and says you can tell me what you want. Rubel says no. Kaira says you were just passing by right. Come and sit near me. Rubel asks tell me what you have to say. She hugs him and says thanks.

She cries and says I will miss you. He hugs her. Nani sees them and smiles. Pankhudi stops Nani and says we all are looking out for you. Nani says if you think you all can pressurize me and ask me to wait, then my answer is no. Pankhudi says did I tell anything like that. Nani says then what is it.

Sheela and Anuj have a cute argument which Adi becomes a witness of. He says I have that red bag. Preeti and Avantika talk to Nani. Pankhudi says we want you to wear this dress. Avantika says its your duty to participate in this marriage. You regret that no one came in your marriage from your family, if you don’t come today, think what will Kaira go through. Pankhudi asks when will you throw your ticket ass you won’t leave us and go. Vikram talks to Farhan and says book afive star hotel and fix my meeting there for today, this wedding will be memorable. Vikram smiles.

Pankhudi asks Adi where are they going. Adi says Vikram is stuck, we will come before kanyadaan.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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