Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 29th July 2014 Written Episode Update


Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 29th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Harish and Avantika argue about the password and they fight that Ayesha has stolen the jewelry and money. Avantika is sure she will find the proof in the morning.

Adi, Ayesha and Nani take leave and Ayesha wants a gift from DDg and he says he wants to give Pankudi’s name to her. All are shocked and DDg asks did you not like the gift. Adi stares and Ayesha promises she will always preserve the gift. Diwakar also gives a gift which is Pankudi’s and Ayesha says looking at you I know how a father is. She tells auntie I liked coming here and next time I will only come when you call me and DDg advices Adi to also to think of future and not live in past. He blesses him and all go to airport.

Sheela is singing and crying in front of the empty locker and she blames herself and Payal

placates her.

Sheela believes that Adi will come alone. Anisha does not want to go to Diwan mansion and Adi says he will drop Nani with her friend and Ayesha also wants to get dropped Nafisa. All wait at Diwan mansion for all and Sheela says Adi will come alone. They ask him where is Ayesha. He says she took her to Kulu. All blame Ayesha saying that she stole the money in the locker and Adi does not believe. Ayesha asks Nafisa whether she get the money and Nafisa says yes and money will get transferred. Sheela and Avantika insist and Adi does not believe. Harish also supports Adi and Ayesha. They ask Adi to ring her up he refuses. He supports his dad saying they also disbelieved Pankudi 1st.

Rubel also supports Adi. Avantika wants Adi to call Ayesha but he does not.Payal tries to ring up Ayesha the phone is switched off.

Ayesha wants to ring up home and Nafisa warns her not to take such a big step and matter of money and Ayesha says she is not scared. All are talking and Sheela says this girl will not return just then she returns and calls Adi and Adi says go to the room both Sheela and Avantika protest and Sheela accuses and insults in worse language for Ayesha. Ayesha says she is ready to answer any questions. Sheela asks why she went to to Kulu She says she wanted to meet Pankudi’s family. Payal asks why she did not come home directly. Ayesha says she wanted to transfer money to her mother.

Sheela snatches Ayesha’s purse despite her telling it is her money and tries to see how much money she sent and finds an amount cheque of ten lakhs and asks how she got so much money and Ayesha show the refund from London college and that same money she sent her mother. Ayesha says if she wants money she would have taken long time back. Sheela still disbelieves and tries to insult more but Avantika asks Mami to say sorry . Ayesha says she can also ask what she wants but Avantika asks her to go. Shanky also supports Ayesha but Mami scolds him. Adi looks at Ayesha who is bit tearful.

PRECAP Ayesha agrees that she herself took money from the locker and all shocked.

Update Credit to: PutijaChalhov

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