Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 28th October 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 28th October 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 28th October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Chachiji saying to Chachaji that your son is a fool like you to believe me. Kapil comes and says he is indeed a fool. He says he accepted her as his mom as he didn’t see his real mom. He says he never suspected her and did whatever she asks for. He asks her,didn’t she feel she is his son. He says he will sure give away the property to her if she asks him to give. Kapil cries and says he did everything for her appraisal. Kapil says mom is a avatar of God. God himself chose her. He tells Anuradha that he didn’t deserve her support. He tells Chachiji that he illtreated Anuradha because of her. He says you made me a criminal already, fake notes, pankhudi’s kidnapping, Rubel was almost dead. He says he will do another crime and attacks her. Everyone

saves Chachiji and asks Kapil to leave her. Kapil asks, whether she is a mom. He tells everyone that she made him handicapped. Chachiji is shocked. Adi tells her that they didn’t throw her because she is related to them and he had faith that she will change. Adi says we were wrong. Chachiji tells him that she has nothing to do with anyone and says she has the wealth now. Avantika says no, this is not property papers but the statement in which you have signed the papers. Chachiji reads the papers and gets shocked. Adi asks her to relax and says your greed trapped you. Adi says he acted infront of her to trap her. He says sometimes have to choose the wrong path to get them on the right path. Harish asks, how she gets ideas to speak so fast. Preeti tells her not to take advantage of anyone. Sheela tells Chachiji that you did mess with your kids. She says she is not like her.

Sheela tells Chachiji not to feel overconfident. Anuj says he thought her as his family, had fight with his sisters and you tried to kill my son. He tells Avantika that he didn’t think that Chachaji and his family could do such thing. Avantika says they are one and will always be one so don’t feel guilty. Avantika tells Chachiji that you won’t be able to break our family and my father’s dreams. She says pankhudi’s sacrifices have finally paid off. Pankhudi hears everything on phone. Bhatia asks Adi, can he leave. Adi says yes and asks him to search a job. Bhatia says how can you do this. Avantika says they can do as he had broken her dad’s trust.

Anuj says he will read the original will and starts reading the will of Nanu’s that he is dividing the property equally to his three childrens and his grandchildren.

CBI sleuths comes, Adi tells him that the real culprit is caught. They asks Manorama, Kapil and Chachaji whether they are ready. Adi asks him to give less punishment to kapil. Kapil hugs Anuradha and agrees to go with the officials. Manorama takes the opportunity and runs outside. She is followed by everyone and CBI official. While she is running, she gets hit by the truck and falls down in a pool of blood. Chachaji comes and shouts Manorama. Anuj asks them to call the ambulance. Pankhudi asks Kaira to inform her about Chachiji’s operation. She tells Ambika about her. Ambika says she is sowing as she had reap. Pankhudi says how can we think bad about anyone.

Preeti feels like fainting. Kaira tells Sheela that Rubel went for his checkup. Kaira says Chachiji is bad but hatred is not good. Sheela says she can’t even show fake tears for her. Kapil tells Adi that he have to live in Jail. Adi says they will try to lessen his punishment. Kapil says sorry for his doings.

Doctor comes and says she is out of danger but her legs are paralysed. pankhudi worries about Chachiji and tells Ambika that she is thinking to return to Mumbai. Govardhan mama asks her not to go.

Chachaji asks them to go home and he will be with manorama. Kapil, Revathi and Anuradha offers to stay back. Anuj asks,can you manage alone. Chachaji says he will call them if needed anything.

Sheela thinks she will see Latika after going home. Govardhan mama asks Pankhudi, did your inlaws come to take you. He says tomorrow it will be decided. Pankhudi thinks Adi will come and take her. and they will celebrate their first anniversary.

Pankhudi tells that she knows Adi will come and they will be together celebrating their anniversary. Adi comes and calls her. She turns around.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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