Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 28th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 28th March 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 28th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Sheela talking to Payal. Harish and Avantika come home and hears her. Sheela says I was explaining Payal how a bahu should be. Payal is good and takes care of me. She asks Payal to bring water for her. Payal says its on table, take it. Nani and Pankhudi ask Vikram is everything fine. Vikram says yes, explain Varun to act mature as he will be getting a responsibility soon. Nani asks Varun what happened. Vikram says what did he tell you all, that he is not ready for marriage, but we had a bog loss in business because of him. Pankhudi says it was only a story. Vikram says he has complicated the matter. He says I don’t have any problem with his mistake as everything is his, but I don’t like him lying.

If he told me everything, I would have helped him,

why is he afraid of me. Vikram says after my parent’s death, Varun is like my son. Maybe I did any mistake. Nani says what you are saying is right, its Varun’s mistake. Vikram says don’t scold him as he will be sad, I m sorry Varun I shouted on you. Nani says I m happy that you worry about him so much, can I talk to him. Vikram says sure. Varun goes with Nani. Pankhudi talks to Amrita about the function. Vikram smiles.

Sheela asks Harish to take care of all the guests. Adi says yes, Rubel’s close friends are also coming. Avantika says why I have to mention this that we should see the guests equally. Sheela says you should have not given the cheque to Vikram like that, it can affect Kaira, we should be careful. Avantika says I wanted everyone to know, I wanted to check whether Vikram is double faced. Adi says he is a good man. Avantika says so I agreed for this relation, I was clearing my doubt. Harish says she won’t agree with us, let it be Adi. Avantika says if you all think I m spoiling Kaira’s life, I won’t attend the marriage. Sheela asks Harish to give BP medicines to Avantika.

Sheela says promise that you will be in Kaira’s marriage. She says you look very beautiful when you get angry. Harish smiles. Avantika goes to meet Kaira. Harish says don’t worry, she is normal and will come in marriage. Nani talks to Varun about his decision for marrying. Varun says he could no convince himself for the marriage, will I ruin Kaira’s life, its a weird feeling. Nani says do you have any affair, if not whats the problem, everything will be fine. Vikram gives the envelop to Pankhudi and asks her to give it to Adi. He says I will talk to him, I m sorry. Pankhudi says you did what you felt right, we can’t judge you.

Vikram says thanks. He asks when will you reach resort, hurry up, we should get there soon. Pankhudi leaves. Rubel and {ayal have a talk. Rubel asks where did Pankhudi and Nani go. He says Adi and Pankhudi are sensitive about Nani, why should we bend again and again. Payal says I agree with you. Rubel says whats our mistake, we apologized to you, let Nani go after marriage. Payal says don’t be hyper, calm down, lets pack, we need to leave.

Avantika hugs Kaira and Adi takes their photo. He tells Kaira that be like my mum, straight forward. He asks her to be strong. She cries. He jokes and makes her smile. Kaira goes. Adi says she is so cute. He tells Avantika its good you came, clear your doubts about Vikram, he is good. Avantika smiles. Adi hugs her. Preeti and Sameer are also packing their bag for going in the marriage. Mrs. Kapoor calls Preeti and says Vikram wants to meet you at his home and its urgent. Preeti says fine and tells Sameer that Vikram called her home. Sameer asks why at home. Preeti says I will go and meet him. Sameer’s mum hears this and is shocked.

Rubel asks Adi where is Pankhudi and Nani. Pankhudi and Nani come home. Adi asks where were you, on shopping? Pankhudi says we went to Vikram’s house to meet Varun and Amrita. Nani leaves. Pankhudi says Vikram knows everything about Nani and Varun. She gives Adi the envelop which Vikram gave. Adi says cheque. Adi tells Avantika he has returned the cheque which we have given him, we should have not embarrassed him. Adi says keep it Pankhudi. Harish asks Avantika to say anything now. Avantika says nothing as of now.

Vikram says they might be thinking Vikram is such a great man to return the cheque, they don’t know Varun and Kaira’s seven rounds will not get completed till…………….. Everyone leave for the resort. Everyone have a talk about Kaira. Adi asks Sheela to buy more diamond sets for Kaira. Avantika says Preeti will come there directly. Nani comes with her bag and thanks everyone for their hospitality. She says it was nice being here, I have my flight tomorrow at 5am. She says once the marriage is over, we won’t meet again, so I m thanking you all. Pankhudi says you did not tell us before, how can you go like this. Nani says I don’t need you permission, I told everyone I will go after Kaira’s bidaai. Adi says why will you go. Nani says I promised I will come for marriage, I did, now I have to go. She leaves seeing Nanu’s pic.

Avantika talks to Vikram and says I bought jewellery for Amrita. Vikram says what was the need for you to spend.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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