Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 28th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 28th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi telling Ayesha that she is in love and should accept it. She says she does not love him. He says I know you are in love, if not with me. Pyaar Ka dard hai…………. Plays……………. He leaves and she thinks about his words, playing in rain. Adi comes to her and asks what are you doing, you had allergy with rain, you will get cold. Adi smiles seeing her playing in rain and thinks about Pankhudi . Pyaar Ka dard hai…………. Plays……………. She asks Adi to play in rain with her. Adi looks on and then leaves. She turns and sees he is gone. Her smile vanishes.

Mama comes to Bau ji and says we can’t trust rain, lets finish this event soon. Adi and Ayesha come back home. Bau ji asks how did they get drenched. Adi jokes and Ayesha asks him not to

taunt. Mama looks on. Bau ji asks Ayesha to go to Pankhudi’s room and change clothes. Ambika stops her and says she can stay here as guest, but don’t try to become family. Bau ji says you are insulting her Ambika. Ambika says sorry, but she can’t go. Bau ji says till I m alive, you can’t insult our guests. Adi and Ayesha clam Bau ji. She says till Ambika asks me to go and change, I won’t go.

She tells about her mum also scolding her. Ambika says I don’t care. Mama says the same. Ayesha says fine, I will sit here. Bau ji asks Ambika to allow her, else she will have to serve her if she gets ill. Ambika asks her to go. Ayesha says you scold just like my mum and leaves. Sheela and Payal hire a man to open the locker. The vault opens and the man leaves. Payal opens it and is shocked. Sheela sees it and is shocked too. The vault is empty. Sheela says how can this happen. She says we are ruined. She asks Payal to call everyone and ask them to come home.

She says I told you Ayesha will steal our money. Payal says yes, I m calling. Sheela cries for money. Adi speaks few words and asks Ambika to accept the cheque for Pankhudi’s charity trust. Adi asks Nani where is Ayesha. The ladies thanks Bau ji for opening a trust for girls. Ayesha comes there and looks like Pankhudi. She says every girl will have Pankhudi’s goodness. She says I got these tablets for all the girls which will help in studies. She says I bought this by my stipend.

She asks Ambika to give tablets by her hand. She asks her to think Pankhudi is requesting her and Ambika agrees. She gives the tablet to everyone. Ayesha shows them to use tablet and keeps Pankhudi’s pic as the wallpaper. She says she is like an angel and mentor for everyone and Ayesha is just like her. Adi tells Nani that he did not knew about this. Sheela tells Harish that Ayesha did this. Avantika asks how dare she open the locker. Sheela says I m worried for money and thought to check it. Avantika asks how can she be sure that Ayesha did this. Sheela asks as only she knew the password.

Sheela says you would have made her tell the password. Rubel says she is in Kullu now. Sheela says maybe she did this before going. She asks why did she go to Kullu without telling everyone. Harish says I can’t defend her now, but you don’t have strong proof to blame her. Payal says she knew the password, call the police and get her arrested. Sheela says call Adi now and ask him to keep an eye on Ayesha and bring her back. Adi teases Ayesha. Nani says she gave a good surprise.

Diwakar sees Adi and Ayesha together. She talks non stop and Nani asks her to stop it now. Diwakar smiles and leaves. She sneezes and Adi gives her a hanky. She thanks him. Diwakar comes to Ayesha and asks her to take medicines. He gives her tablets. He asks her to take care and she stops him saying uncle, now I will get alright. He blesses her and leaves. Harish and Avantika have an argument. Avantika says I won’t call Adi now. Sheela says she won’t come back. Harish says I m sure Ayesha is innocent and she will come here to prove herself. Avantika says fine, we will wait for tomorrow.

Sheela gives some proof to Avantika against Ayesha.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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