Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 28th January 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 28th January 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 28th January 2013 Written Update

Sheila Mami says to Kailash that she mistook her for another Kailash who leaves in Dholpur, and says if his name was also Kailash then it will be a nice co-incidence.

Kailash now thinks what to say, and Pankuri approaches now, and Sheila Mami says to Pankuri that Kailash, being a neighbor of Preeti is so helpful

By the looks of Pankuri and Kailash, Mami takes it that they are known to each other and says wow you two know each other and says she was thinking wrongly as being Preeti’s neighbor.

Finally now Harish arrives and is shocked to see Kailash, and thunders at him, says how dare he write a threat letter and try to blackmail Nana to take money from him, Nana too comes to know and gets shocked Nana says how dare he write a threat letter to expose Preeti which resulted in her trying to take the extreme step of killing herself and says that he will now hand him over to the Police

Finally the truth is out, Pankuri in order to establish the truth says this is her Chote Chacha and says she knows him from the very childhood, and pleads Nana not to hand over Kailash to Police Just at that moment Avantika came and got to know the fact

Now everyone comes to know the truth that PaYa was with Kailash, and Avantika starts doubting everyone, says first it was this Geeta fiasco who was sent by the Guptas and now they have sent another man tagging him as Kailash and whom should she believe and take as saying truth

Harish now comes up and says it is Kailash only and he is certifying that as Preeti had aquainted with him beforehand Avantika is getting enraged by the minute. Nana says he is very much disappointed with Harish and PaYa for hiding all these till the last minute

Harish and Pankuri apologize to Nana, and Adi says they hid it as they didn’t want to get their own relations affected by this truth, Kailash says he didn’t knew about Preeti’s pregnancy and says had he known about it, he would have done something else Mami taunts Kailash and says now he is trying to act innocent Moreover Sheila Mami now says that inspite of Harish knowing everything about Kailash and the fact that he belonged to Guptas, still he went ahead and went to see a girl belonging to Gupta family for Adi’s marriage but never let anyone know the matter, not even Avantika who has every right to know the matter as Adi is her son.

Harish says that he hid the fact because he didn’t want the PaYa relation to be broken or full of misunderstandings after the truth comes out, and inspite of his own relation being on the tenterhooks, he still rallied along and prevented this leak despite obstacles just to save PaYa relation. Moreover, when he first saw Pankuri, he knew he could get no other girl better than her for Adi’s marriage and so kept quiet, though he had doubts about the family, but still as Pankuri is so good, he decided to hid the matter. And he also adds that Avantika is proud and only thinks her decision is right, so he didn’t tell this to her as she would have misunderstood the whole family then just as she is misunderstanding now, and instead of blaming a person, she is blaming everyone from the family, and so Pankuri would have long lost a position of respect in Avantika’s eyes had this truth been out before

Avantika is still enraged and says okay for now he hid it because of Pankuri but why didn’t he inform the fact 15 years earlier. Nana also asks Harish the same question. Harish says this is the question that he expected from Avantika anyday after this truth is out and says when Preeti was pregnant and had no close one to tell about it, she confided in Harish as she didn’t trust Avantika or anyone to be sensitive regarding her. Harish goes on to say that he tried his best in finding out Kailash but all his efforts came to naught and only then he and Preeti decided that it is best to abort the baby Finally, after Preeti was done with aborting the baby, she was heart-broken, needed emotional support and apart from Harish, no one was there with her at the time too, so she decided never to marry again and had a pact with Harish to keep this as a secret as Avantika and Nana really didn’t cared about Preeti’s whereabouts then or were concerned about her at that time

Everyone now ponders as to who sent the letter, Avantika tries to accuse Pankuri, Adi vehemently protests about it, says Pankuri or her family can never do such deed, and Nana says then who could have done it, Adi says some one has enmity with Pankuri and her family and that person is Rubel

Anuj says how dare Adi accuses Rubel and says let this matter be handled by police, and Avantika too supports it, Nana says first he will talk with Gupta Ji (Dada Ji) and then do accordingly as after consulting him on this matter, and so calls Dada Ji and informs him everything Dada Ji is shocked to learn about Preeti’s pregnancy and Kailash the man behind it

Pankuri says to Nana to think about Preeti Maasi and wait till she regains consciousness before taking any kind of decisions Nana says this time he is not with Pankhu and Adi intervenes saying he was ,is and always will be with Pankhu

Update Credit to: SAIBALROUTH

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