Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 28th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 28th February 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 28th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Vikram saying Amrita that it was his dream to make glass building on that land. He says, I knows how to make my dream come true. Adi and Pankhudi come to Avantika’s house. Avantika tells about Anisha. Adi and Pankhudi asks her not to share anything about Anisha with Rubel and payal as they are going on the honeymoon. Pankhudi asks Avantika to attend all marriage functions. Avantika asks them to pack their stuff for going to Australia. Rubel says, we will try to search Anisha Naniji. He tells Payal not to tell Adi and Pankhudi else they will spoil their honeymoon. He says, I don’t want to give them any tension. Adi and Pankhudi make plan to hide with Rubel and Payal. Pankhudi says, everyone will be happy when Naniji comes back home. Avantika

is about to call Preeti, just then door bell rings…..Avantika asks her servant to open the door.

IT people comes and says we are from Income tax dept and your house is raided. They say we have search warrant. Avantika is shocked. They start searching in the house. Avantika asks him to show her the warrant else she will call the police. They warn her that they will arrest her if she doesn’t cooperate. Adi and Pankhudi comes. Adi asks them, how dare you enter my house like this. They say they got concrete information that Harish Kumar have kept the illegal money from the leather business. Adi says, my father is an actor. He is shocked. Avantika says, I will call Mr. Birbal from IT Dept. They say sorry and leaves.

Harish comes and looks at the messy house. Adi tells him everything. They call Vikram and says work is done. They threatened Avantika by acting as a IT guys. Preeti gives the cheque to Nirmala and says our loan is sanctioned. She asks her to keep the cheque for Bappa’s blessings. Sameer and Sadanand ask Nirmala to do it. Nirmala says, my blessings are always with you both. She blesses them. Sadanand says, we will never look back. Avantika thinks, IT people can’t do a blunder. Pankhudi says, are you worried? Avantika says, lets discuss something. She asks, what you will wear? She says, you can’t wear this on the beaches. Harish asks Adi to take Pankhudi on a shopping.

Pankhudi says, I will be uncomfortable in western outfit. Avantika asks her to get some new clothes for herself. Pankhudi comes and tells Adi that she wants to go on a shopping. Varun calls Kaira. Kaira says lets make a plan. Varun says, I am going to Chennai tonight. I will be back after 1 week. Kaira says, I am going to Kolkata for Naturopathy. She gets sad. Vikram asks Varun about his purpose of visit to Chennai. Varun says, his friend called him to set up his business. Vikram says, I understand. Adi and Pankhudi are on the way to shopping. Adi and Pankhudi have a nice talk. Pankhudi says, I won’t feel comfortable in western outfit. I would have prepare myself, I would have lose some weight. Adi laughs. Pankhudi says, I will not buy anything. Adi says, I like you the way you are. Don’t think about peoples’ thinking. He says, we will shop in the paradise mall.

Rubel shows their tickets to Payal. Sheela comes and asks them to keep some woolen clothes. Rubel says, Summer is going on there. Sheela asks, what you will get for me? Rubel asks her to make list and they will get everything. Sheela asks him to enquire about Anisha. Fake IT guy calls Vikram and tells him about Adi and Pankhudi going to the mall.

Sameer says, everything is happening good for them. Preeti says, how we will attend the exhibition and Kaira’s wedding. Sameer says, we will attend both. He says, I will attend the exhibition and you will attend the wedding. Vikram is waiting for Adi with his gang of goons. He asks them to attack seeing Adi’s car coming. Adi gets down to help him. Adi is beaten by the goons. Vikram acts to protect him.

Vikram tells Avantika that one day the attacker will be caught. Avantika says, you are saying that you don’t have any doubts…

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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