Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 27th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 27th March 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 27th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Amrita thinking what to do. Kaira tells things are not solved between Avantika and Sheela, but still Avantika came in my marriage. Pankhudi says why, are you not her daughter. They have a laugh. Harish asks Anuj not to worry as he has a son like Rubel. Vikram asks Nani to convince Varun to marry. Adi stoops Vikram and asks is there any problem, why are you leaving. Vikram says I forgot my cheque book at home and I need to pay to the wedding planner. Adi says I will pay on your behalf, you can pay me later. Adi says we trust you that you will not cheat us. Vikram smiles. Adi asks Vikram till when will you reach the resort. Vikram says we will come in two hours.

Pankhudi asks Amrita is there any problem. Vikram comes and Amrita stops saying. She says

I m feeling tired, can I get any room. Vikram says I will take care of you and Pankhudi leaves. Vikram asks Amrita to look for Varun. Nani asks Varun to go for the marriage as he does have not any valid reason. She says Vikram knows that you came Australia, he wants you to be happy, he did not create any issue, agree for the marriage and accept Kaira, trust me, everything will be fine. Adi signs the cheque. Pankhudi says don’t you think we are spending so much. Adi says its Kaira’s marriage, it does not matter.

She says I feel its high. Adi says don’t think much, enjoy. He says don’t take stress and leaves to give the cheque to Vikra. Rubel sees the cheque and asks what is it. Adi says Vikram forgot his cheque book so I want to pay, it does not look good if he has to leave the function and goes. Avantika comes and says its not fair, he was about to pay, but such a big amount. Pankhudi says mum is right, is wedding planner cheating us. Adi says we can’t check everything. Avantika takes the cheque and comes to Vikram. Bau ji says I feel I know vikram’s dad but don’t know where I met him.

Bau ji and Mama leaves. Vikram says sorry to Preeti as she came late because of him. Preeti says its fine. Preeti leaves with her family. Amrita asks Kaira to go and take rest. Vikram thinks why did Adi not bring the cheque till now. Vikram says we wll leave now. Avantika stops Vikram and says wait. She gives him the cheque for today’s expenses of the function. Vikram says I told Adi that I will pay, but Adi said he will pay and we will check it later. Avantika says I m helping you. Vikram says its fine. Avantika takes it back. Adi says mum is joking, and gives the cheque to Vikram. Vikram smiles and takes it. He says we will leave now. Adi asks Avantika what was the need to give the cheque infront of everyone.

Harish says I explained you. Avantika says I wanted to judge he wants to bear the expenses or not. Anuj says lets leave all this and sleep now. Sheela comes to Kaira and wakes her up asking her to change and sleep. She says have some food. Kaira says let me sleep. Sheela says have some please. Kaira says i don’t want to eat, its my last night here, let me sleep with peace. Sheela gets sad and Kaira stops her. She asks Sheela to make her eat by her hands. They cry. Kaira says I will miss you a lot. Sheela says I want you to be happy, you get a good family that you don’t miss me. Kaira hugs her.

Nani thinks of talking to Varun and asks the driver to take her to Vikram’s house. Pankhudi stops her and asks where are you going. Nani says I m not running away. Pankhudi says I will also come. Nani says Vikram knows everything about me and Varun. Pankhudi sits in the car. Varun greets Amrita. Amrita asks him to get ready. Vikra comes and says so much expenses, I have Rs. 200 crores loss, Diwaans will pay for the expenses. He says I was thinking to send Varun to honeymoon, maybe Australia. Varun is tensed.

Vikram confronts Varun for lying to him. He scolds him. He says you don’t want to marry, then you won’t have any place in our house. Vikram scolds Amrita for knowing the truth. Adi asks Anuj is he alright. Anuj says today Kaira will be leaving our house, its her marriage today, we were preparing for this day and the day came. Sheela was waiting for this day since years and preparing for it. Adi says I have seen you getting sentimental like this before, when you miss Kaira, go and meet her. Anuj says yes, but …… Adi makes him smile and says cheer up. He hugs him and says congrats. Anuj says thanks. Adi leaves.

Vikram tells Amrita that I have stopped Nani from telling everyone. If there is any problem I will not leave both of you. He says I want Kaira to become a part of our family as I can’t let my dreams brreak, I m doing this for all three of us. Nani and Pankhudi comes. Vikram is shocked to see them at the door. Nani looks puzzled.

Sheela tells Avantika that itss not good to give cheque like this to Vikram, it can affect Kaira’s life.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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