Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 27th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 27th February 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 27th February 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Harish being in a foul mood and asks the production manager to come later for a particular shoot. He is overpowered by illness and doesn’t show much enthusiasm for shooting. Pankuri now comes to Harish, and Harish angrily asks her why she went away without informing him the previous day and says he knows (actually suspects) that Pankuri has taken up the job of art-director here just to talk with him. He says he isn’t interested to talk regarding Avantika and says he won’t talk to her. Pankuri sits silently, Adi starts calling on Pankuri’s mobile, and Pankuri repeatedly cuts his call in front of Harish

Harish now asks Pankuri why she is repeatedly disconnecting Adi’s call. Pankuri says she and Adi had a tiff with Adi not approving her decision

to work in the shooting set. This enrages Harish and he quickly calls Adi and summons him over to his shooting spot.

In Diwan Mansion, Rubel got shocked on knowing that Nana Ji has such a peculiar will where he gives away all his property to Rubel’s wife and Adi’s wife. Sheila informs him and says that she also doesn’t understand the whims of Nana Ji and why she being a Bahu of this house is always ignored and not given any kind of property share, and now Rubel asks Sheila what should be their next step. Sheila says there is no option apart from marrying and Rubel will have to marry now to at least snatch half the property. Rubel says he is ready for marriage and Sheila says chunnu munnu and cuddles him and says she is so so happy on listening Rubel’s decision. Sheila now prepares to select some good would-be wife of Rubel and goes away. Rubel later says that he will only marry a girl of his own choice

Meanwhile at kullu, Kailash expresses his desire to come and stay with the Gupta family all together. Dada Ji happily agrees and Kailash says that he along with Vedika will return to the house soon.

Ambika and others are happy with this news and says family will be united again but Govardhan says he doesn’t see any reason to be so much happy about

Rubel tells everything to Latika and Latika smiles but at the same time expresses shock and says how can Rubel marry so soon. Rubel says already his Mom (Sheila) has started seeing profiles of various girls for selecting a good DIL and he is in real trouble, and Latika supports him by holding his hand and saying she is agreeing with him

Sheila was busy selecting a good DIL from a large collection of pics but couldn’t find someone suitable. Preeti Maasi comes and enquires about what she is doing. Sheila says she is busy with selecting a good DIL and couldn’t find someone as good and as like-minded as she herself is as because Rubel has apparently asked her to select a good housewife just like her who has all the necessary qualities and is innocent like her Maasi smiles on hearing all those and Avantika was passing by, so Preeti Maasi asked Avantika to help out Sheila Mami in jest. Avantika says Rubel will marry a girl according to her own choice and she is quite confident that Rubel will do so. Sheila Mami says she will find out a girl for Rubel and Rubel is not of that type to marry according to his own choice. She further says crores will be spent on Rubel’s wedding. Preeti Maasi reminds her that in case of Adi’s wedding, Avantika didn’t waste company’s money. Sheila says she too told the same thing to Anuj but still Anuj wants to spend company’s money for Rubel’s wedding, and claims that Anuj has even said this is his decision, the company is his now

Preeti rebukes Sheila for failing to change Anuj’s decision and wasting company’s money. Avantika advises Sheila to make Anuj understand not to waste company’s money for Rubel’s wedding.

They goes away an Sheila Mami makes faces and talks ill of both

At shooting set, Adi arrives and starts quarreling with Pankuri over doing job at shooting set. Harish tries to calm them down but all his efforts went futile as both didn’t climb down from their standings. Finally, Harish says sometimes we take some decision thinking for the good of someone, but ultimately that decision hurts the person even more. This word touched Adi and he says “Are you sure what you are saying Dad?”

Harish tries to make PaYa see reason but Adi leaves, says he is going.

Later PaYa meets when Harish is busy shooting his set of scenes. Adi complements Pankuri’s fabulous acting and says she should seriously consider for heroine’s role in this serial where Harish is acting, and praises her beauty, her smile, her magical eyes. Pankuri blushes

Harish and Avantika both has reminiscence of the days where they had incessant quarrels and now just like PaYa is quarreling, how their quarrels overflowed and caused deep misunderstandings which ultimately led to separation, and both shudders to think about the future of PaYa

Avantika thinks about PaYa, and asks Adi to clear misunderstandings. Pankuri calls Harish and asks whether he has taken medicines and food in proper time or not.

Update Credit to: SAIBALROUTH

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