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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 26th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi telling everyone that he will invest in Ayesha’s store and fulfill her dream. He says I have some personal savings and I will invest that, so don’t feel any pressure Rubel. Avantika saks what nonsense is this Adi, then what was the need for competition, she lost in it and should accept this. Ayesha says I did not ask him. Adi says I know she is talented and someone copied her talent. Sheela says if Ayesha could not win the competition, how will she manage a store. Payal too taunts her. Adi asks Payal to stop it and not blame Ayesha. Rubel asks Adi to go ahead and we will find both ventures. Adi says no, we must respect Payal won it, and she will get sponsored, and I will invest in her dream, as its mine.

Avantika says its unfair to everyone. He says how can

two dresses look same. Rubel says yes, how can anyone steal that design. Avantika says we will find it out if Adi wants. Sheela gets tensed and says whats the need, why will anyone steal her design, its impossible to make it in so less time. Ayesha says I don’t think anyone cheated me, leave it. Adi says I decided and its done. I have a flight to catch now, going Kullu, as Bau ji is opening a trust for Pankhudi’s name. Avantika asks him to go. Harish asks Ayesha to go. Avantika says why will she go, its family function.

Adi leaves. Ayesha thinks she has to go as its for Pankhudi. Mama shows invites to Bau ji and says we got all the gifts for kids here, when is Adi coming. Bau ji says he will reach till afternoon. Mama asks is Ayesha coming. Bau ji says she is Adi’s wife. Anuj says he is going for business meeting. Sheela asks Payal not to worry as no one is at home, just see what I do with Ayesha. Adi comes and meets Bau ji and everyone. Adi says Pankhudi’s place will always be the same. They are shocked to see Ayesha come with Nani. Adi asks you both here. Nani says sorry we came here, but for Pankhudi.

Mama and Ambika oppose Ayesha but Bau ji defends her. Bau ji holds Ayesha’s hand and brings her in. Nani tells Adi she will tell him later how they came here. Bau ji says this is Pankhudi’s house, go and rest for some time now. Adi asks Diwakar and everyone to know Ayesha and I m sure you will accept her. Mama says we can’t give her Pankhudi’s place. Adi says they are different people. Bau ji asks him to go and rest. Adi leaves. Payal tells Sheela that Ayesha went Kullu with Adi. Sheel says but Adi was going alone. Payal says she went. Sheela says its good she went.

Sheela and Payal plan to empty the money from the locker and then put the blame on Ayesha, so kick her out of the house. Anuj calls Sheela and says I m leaving now, I took the flight, don’t call me as I will be in meeting and don’t worry if my phone is off. Adi and Ayesha argue and Nani smiles seeing them. Adi says I m touched you came here for Pankhudi and her family. Ayesha says this is my family too. Nani says she called me to emotionally blackmail and brought me here, its good I saw Pankhudi’s house. Adi asks her to come back home. Ayesha asks Adi to take her to mountain sights.

Adi and Nani refuse and Ayesha leaves alone. Nani says Ayesha will keep everyone happy and she will win everyone’s hearts here. Ayesha goes to see the beauty and says this is really heaven.Ayesha sees its raining and says I have rain allergy, till it stops, I can’t go.She closes her eyes and smiles. Adi comes there and says when love happens, rain looks good. She says she is not in love, and definitely not with him. He says when did I say that. He says I won’t ask who is he but I know you are in love.

Bau ji asks Ayesha to go and change. Ambika stops her and scolds her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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