Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 26th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 26th July 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 26th July 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Nanu emotionally staring at his house and then comes to his room and talks with his wife portrait that your children went to sleep happily. I met them and now I will go to sleep now. Pankhudi comes to Nanu, Nanu says you might came here to know why I said that. Pankhudi says no, she came to give him water. Nanu drinks the water and again asks her to take care of everyone. He says you are like my mother and asks her to go. He lays down the bed to sleep and asks Pankhudi to start the gramaphone as he will hears the song while sleeping. The song plays Jab jab bahar aayi mujhe tum yaad aaye….. Nanu smiles. Pankhudi leaves the room. Nanu happily looks at his wife photo and sleeps peacefully.

Next morning, Sameer tells Avantika that they will leave after breakfast.

Pankhudi asks Shanky, whether Nanaji didn’t went to morning walk today. Shanky says he asked me not to wake him in the morning. Adi says he will go and wake him. He opens his room’s door and sees him sleeping. He was about to leave but something falls on the ground. Adi grows suspicious when Nanu didn’t wake up by the sound of some item fallen down. Adi gets shocked and his mobile falls down from his hand.

He comes to him, holds his hand and starts rubbing his hand. He tries to hears the heartbeat but gets shocked when he didn’t find Nanu’s heart beat. He rushes outside and signs them about Nanu. All the family rush inside Nanu’s room. Harish checks his pulse and finds it gone. Preeti and Avantika shouts Dad. Preeti cries and hugs Sameer. Avantika is in shocked. Adi and Pankhudi too are in shocked. Kaira urges him to wake up. Avantika breaks down and cries with Harish. Everyone cries badly. Harish sees some recording and plays it. Nanu tells them that he needs to go as time is calling him. He says he is leaving as a happy man. He says he is leaving his love for them. He says he saw his family united today and leaving peacefully. He requests everyone not to feel sad and cry with his sudden dealth. He asks them to be united and happy always, as it is his wish and prayer.

Rubel also cries now and tells Adi that dadaji can’t go like this. Harish cries to console Anuj. Avantika, Anuj and Preeti hugs and cries badly. Harish tells Anuj to have courage as he needs to informs everyone. Sameer calls his mom and informs her about the demise of Deewan saheb. Adi and Pankhudi hugs and cries. Adi asks her not to break the promise made to Nanu and says we have to fulfilled every promise made to Nanu. He tells her to inform her dadaji, Adi calls him. Dadaji picks the call and Pankhudi informs him that Nanu is no more and cries vehemently. Dadaji tells Adi that he will talk to him later. He cries loudly after talking to Pankhudi. Pankhudi tells Adi that Nanu might be aware that’s why he gave us advice. Adi says Nanu loves us very much and gave us advice.

Dadaji comes out of his room and informs everyone that he got a call from Pankhudi that Deewan saheb is no more. Everyone is shocked while Dadaji cries. Adi asks pankhudi not to cry and says sometimes he felt bad that Nanu loves her more than him. He asks her to be strong as they need to take care of the family. He wipes her tears and says we have to starts the preparation to bids him goodbye. He says it would be difficult but we have to do it. He leaves. The episode ends on Pankhudi’s tearful face.

Pankhudi stands infront of Nanu’s dead body and thanks him,and says I promise you nothing will change after you leave…

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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