Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 26th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 26th February 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 26th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Vikram saying he has papers but it is in the Kolkata office. He says, it couldn’t be reach here. Avantika says, I can’t take any decision and declares next hearing will be exactly one week from now. She says, I hope you will get those papers for the next hearing. Kaira tells Adi that by mistake she gave a misscall to Varun and he is not calling her back. Adi says, I am head master of the school where you are studying. Adi calls him. Kaira tells Varun that I have seen your misscall. Varun says, I saw yours and cuts the call. Avantika is leaving. Vikram calls her and says do you have a doubt on me. Avantika says, all I need is a proof. I hope you will get the papers next time. Vikram says, papers are in Kolkata place and his employees didn’t dispatch

it on time. Avantika returns the cheque to Vikram. Vikram says, it was for Harish ji. Avantika asks him not to do anything which can go against him.

Sheela and Pankhudi come there. Pankhudi asks her about Vikram. Avantika says, we had a meeting. Sheela says, we were going to the mall for shopping. Avantika says, mall is not here. Sheela says, we are thinking to marry Kaira in Silvasa haveli. Avantika says, you should have talked to me on phone. Sheela says, Pankhudi wanted to come. Avantika leaves.

Vikram gets angry on Amrita and says we have lost 200 crores. He says, avantika asked for the papers which was not with him and returned the cheque. Vikram says, I will make you understand that you have to give the verdict on my favour. Everyone come to the Silvasa haveli. Adi is amazed to see it. Shanky looks tensed. Sheela also likes the haveli. Phone bell rings. Adi says, phone might be from abroad. Pankhudi picks the call and introduces herself. The lady cuts the call. Anuj says, we shall see the haveli. Rubel says, we will see the haveli in different directions.

Shanky gets emotional. Avantika tells Harish that she returned the cheque. Harish says, I didn’t know that it is complicated. Avantika says, Vikram said that he has papers but he didn’t bring it. Harish asks her to visit the Ashram and gets the insights. Avantika says, I must visit the Ashram.

Adi and Pankhudi look Nanu and Nani painting. They get happy and pull each other legs. Pankhudi takes out a book and finds a letter. Pankhudi reads the letter of Nani to nanu. Preeti tells Avantika to give the right verdict. Adi says, I am like Nanu. Pankhudi says, love never changes. She says sorry to reading Nanu and Nani’s personal letter. They read letter sent by Anisha john waterson. Adi says, she might be close to Nanu.

Vikram offers to give accomodation to the Ashram and asks them to accept his offer. Avantika comes there. Vikram says, it is good that you have come. I want to clear the misunderstanding. I want to give alternative accomodation to the Ashram. Avantika says, I want papers. I hope you will produce papers. Vikram says, Varun and Kaira’s marriage is very nearing. Avantika asks Mrs. Sharma about the Ashram. Mrs. Sharma says, if the papers are with him then why did he keep quiet all these years.

Adi asks Shanky about Anisha. Pankhudi shows the wedding dress. She asks him not to hide anything from them and say the truth.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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