Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 25th October 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 25th October 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 25th October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Chachiji asking Bhatia, why he didn’t tell him that they will meet here at Deewan mansion. She asks, did he brought the papers. Bhatia says yes. Chachiji gets happy and says she will be back. Shanky comes and says kapil went with Revathi and Anuradha and asks what is going on. Chachiji asks him to stop the nonsense.

At the bus stand, Police comes to Kapil and says they are arresting him for the fake note racket and illegal activities. Kapil says what rubbish. Police says that his mom testify against him. Kapil, Revathi and Anuradha are shocked.

Chachiji opens the locker and gets tantalised by the jewellery. Kapil tells police that he will not go with them. Police says they have to force him then. Chachiji signs the papers and thinks she

will go with the wealth. Bhatia is sweating. Chachiji asks for the original will papers. Preeti comes and says you can’t go anywhere. Chachiji says who will stop me. Avantika says I wish you could stop us. She laughs saying Adi has come with his parents to stop her. Chachiji says sometimes there is nothing in human’s hand and have to accept it. Sheela comes and says you are right.

Rubel comes with Kaira and says everyone are not like you, who uses her kids for her greeds. Chachiji says you came back from death and giving me advice. Chachaji comes and says he will not keep quiet. Chachiji thinks they came to stop her and says that she signed on the property papers and nothing can happen now.

Kapil asks the police to allow him to call his police. Police asks his men to arrest him by force. Kapil escapes. Revathi asks the fake police to catch him. Fake police says that they are paid by Harish to do the acting.

Chachiji asks Adi not to scare her. Adi says we are not doing anything and this Deewan empire is yours now. Adi says you are doing everything for property. My family broke, Pankhudi went away from me because of this. Sheela says please leave my Rubel. Chachiji asks, what they want? Sheela says they want proof which she has against Rubel. Adi says he wants video proof. Chachiji says that day Avantika took away the CD and says Latika was just fooling you.

Chachiji asks him to name property on her name. Avantika says not yet and asks her to clarify that their family is not involved in drug and fake note racket. Harish says as we all know that you will not surrender then why not Kapil.

Kapil is running on the road and sits in the car. He asks the driver to start the car. Rubel asks her to give the statement against kapil. He says we all know, how much you loves your son. Kaira says we will name our property on your name. Avantika says they will give the jewellery also. Sheela gives the jewellery. Adi asks, is she ready? Chachiji says she is ready to testimony against Kapil but before that everything should be on her name. Chachaji shouts. She says you can’t do anything. She asks to bring the papers and then they have to go to the police station.

Anuj is driving the car and recalls meeting Rubel at Avantika’s office. Anuj tells Rubel that he came here as he got to know that they are here. He asks, why they didn’t go to the Deewan Mansion. Chachiji comes, Anuj is surprised. Anuj says Chachiji was asking about you and is about to call her. Chachaji asks him not to call Chachiji and tells him everything. Anuj is shocked and says he didn’t expect this from him. He always saw him in Dad’s place. Chachaji tells him that Manorama manipulated them and his childrens. She should get punish for her mistakes. Adi gets a call that kapil reached the bus stand, Anuj says he will go there. Flashback ends.

Kapil is calling Chachiji and wonders why she isn’t picking the call. Anuj in disguise of the driver says I will drop you to your mom, Deewan Mansion. Kapil is shocked and looks at Anuj in the front mirror.

Kapil asks you? Anuj says I thought you as a helpless man but you are a good runner. Kapil says sorry and asks him to take home. Anuj says he will take him to the Deewan Mansion and he have to speak the truth. Kapil swears he will speak the truth.

Avantika tells Chachiji that after signing the papers,this deewan empire will be yours. Mr. Bhatia will guide you. Chachiji being confident signs the papers and thinks the wealth is her’s now. She tells Adi that she is ready to go to the police station. She says to Chachaji that she will take his name also with Kapil. She asks everyone to pack her bags. She says she knew that this property will be hers only. She tells Avantika, why she is quiet. She taunts everyone. She laughs and says she seperated Pankhudi from Adi, and she got everything. She asks them to leave Deewan Mansion till the evening.

Latika comes and asks what is happening. Chachiji tells her that everything is her’s now. Latika gets happy. Chachiji says but she will not give her anything from the property. Latika says she supported them. Chachiji says you didn’t work properly. Latika tells everything that she manipulated Rubel, help them in keeping the drug in Kaira’s room, and also aborted her child to blame Pankhudi. Everyone looks shocked.

Latika gets shocked to see the family. Chachiji laughs and asks her to answer the family now. She asks her to give the jewellery. Latika says she will stop her. Both of them starting fighting. Adi tells Avantika that Anuj mama is reaching with Kapil. Chachaji asks Manorama to stay quiet. He says you wants to testimony against kapil because of your greed. He loves you very much. Chachiji says she acted all the years and he didn’t understand that she didn’t love him. She says your son is a fool like you. Kapil comes and hears this. He says you are right mom.

Kapil tells her that mother is a avatar of God. God chose them. You made me a criminal, fake notes, Rubel was almost dead. He says he will kill her.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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