Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 25th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 25th March 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 25th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Vikram asking Nani why is Varun running from marriage, whats the problem if I ask him to marry, he is avoiding it, he won’t such a good girl and family like this again, please convince him to marry Kaira. He says after my parents death, I m his father and its my responsibility to look after him, please ask him to marry. He leaves and smiles thinking Nani will now think and she will react after the marriage. Adi asks Vikram how did you manage this. He says how did you talk to Nani. Vikram says I thought to meet her and she is a nice lady. Pankhudi says Adi, Vikram was looking annoyed, I hoppe there is no problem. Sheela asks Sameer’s mum is Preeti really at office. Vikram says if you guys want, I can call Preeti and ask her to come.

Sameer says she

might be busy, no need. Vikram says Diwaans always surprise me. Avantika says no, you get surprised often. Harish talks to Kaira and Varun and gives him some tips. Rubel also joins in and warns Varun to make Kaira happy always else…. Sameer says don’t scare him. Anuj jokes. Adi asks Farhan to take care of all arrangements. They see Nani coming. Adi writes a note and gives the waiter asking him to give it to her. Nani gets the note and reads it. Adi writes we are waiting for your song. Nani throws the note. Rubel says Nani won’t sing. Pankhudi says her pain will not go so easily, we have to keep trying. Rubel says you are great Pankhudi, we can’t do this.

Nani thinks what to do, listen to Vikram or tell everyone the truth. Pankhudi comes and asks Nani to come out and sing a song. Nani gets angry and says leave me alone. Pankhudi says fine, we are waiting for your performance. Payal talks to Amrita and asks how did you like the venue. Amrita says I liked it. Sheela asks whats the talk going on. Amrita says Payal was saying about the marriage’s theme. Sheela asks Amrita not to call her aunty. She says you don’t have kids and so I m somewhat elder to you. Amrita thinks.

Avantika and Anuj talk about Nani. Harish says Nani won’t do anything bad and would accept our apologies. Bau ji talks to Vikram about doing good deeds. Vikram disagrees with him and says if you want to stay in people’s memories, good deeds don’t help, but their money matters. Bau ji says you are misunderstanding. Mama comes to talk to Vikram. Avantika announces something. Anuj says this family relation is to make new relations and recharge the old relation. Avantika says we forgot someone years ago, its Nani. Everyone look at Nani.

Avantika says we want to tell something. She says Preeti is busy in work. Preeti comes and Vikram is shocked. Everyone are happy to see her. Anuj says we can’t change what happened years ago. Avantika says we are sorry for our parents behalf. Preeti says don’t break our heart, we are like your kids. Everyone claps. Nani leaves. Rubel says see her attitude, she left without saying anything. Pankhudi says be positive, she went to hide her emotional side. Vikram calls Mrs. Kapoor and asks how can Preeti come here. Mrs. Kapoor says I tried hard to stop her but she finished the work soon. Vikram scolds her. She says sorry. Nani comes to her room and says will I forget everything is they apologize.

She says let the sangeet happen, I will not go out now. Shanky announces about the feeling of love. Harish says lets celebrate love in Diwaan mansion. Anuj and Sheela performs on the song pyaar hua ikraar hua music………. Everyone claps for them. Amrita says Vikram that if we perform Kaira will be happy. Vikram says you perform if you want, did I stop you. Vikram asks Rubel to make sure of the guests. Harish and Avantika perform next on the song Gori tera gaun bada pyara…………. Everyone smile seeing them and claps. Vikram gets a call and Amrita looks at him. Vikram thinks he will take another installments from Diwaans.

Pankhudi talks to Nani and asks her to think about everyone and understand their pain.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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