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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 25th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Avantika being called to declare their winner. Sonali taunts Avantika that Ayesha is smart to copy someone design and label it as hers. Adi and Harish hear this. Adi defends Ayesha. Avantika says don’t create an issue here. Ayesha is upset. Avantika goes to announce the winner of the competition. Sheela talks to everyone and says you have seen who did original work and who copied. Everyone say the winner is Payal. Avantika says yes, Mrs Payal Diwaan. Sheela smiles. Adi says its ok Ayesha, I know you did not copy, you are the winner for me. Ayesha thanks him.

Payal comes on stage happily and hugs Sheela and Avantika. She thanks everyone for support and Sheela for her help. She thanks Rubel for being world’s best husband. He kisses her hand and Ayesha smiles. Adi

talks to Bau ji and says great idea, I will call you later. Adi says congrats Payal. Sheela says my friend wants to meet Payal and taunts Ayesha. Avantika says don’t be so blind Adi, accept what you have seen. Adi says Ayesha did not copy designs. Avantika says stop defending, thanks for changing the color. Harish too defends Ayesha and Avantika leaves.

Harish asks Ayesha not to worry. Adi leaves seeing him. Harish thanks her for trying to make things good between him and Adi, but he is Avantika’s shadow and won’t agree so easily. Ayesha thinks she will make Adi agree. Sheela is happy and says see Ayesha what I do. Payal joins her. Sheela reminds Payal of her condition that she will design all sarees of her boutique. Payal says do you knowledge about today’s designs. Payal says store will close before it opens. Sheela says if I can make you win, I can expose you too. Payal says I was joking, do what you want to.

Anuj says some business issue is there. Payal leaves. Sheela is very happy. Anuj is worried. Ayesha thinks about everyone and says sorry Adi, I wanted to win this show for you, but then Rubel and Payal’s relation would have lost. She stands at the ramp and looks on. Ayesha talks to Pankhudi’s pic and says I understood I can work very fast when time comes, and Sheela is good in taking wrong paths, I know Sheela copied my dress, but its fine, maybe she wants to save Rubel and Payal’s relation like me. She turns and sees Adi. He comes in and sees the new dress Ayesha made.

He asks her when did she make this. She says yesterday. He says I know you were busy today, you won’t make it for timepass, whats the matter. Ayesha says nothing. She says maybe its coincidence. He says fine, I won’t force, I know you won’t do cheating, maybe there was something wrong. She says its enough for me. Adi says you are winner for me. He asks her to sleep and he will sleep in morning. She asks why. He says my sleep comes in morning, if I start requesting now. He says I m hungry. She asks shall I make something. He says no, I will manage.

She says I will make noodles. She makes noodles for him and talks to him. He says he loved noodles a lot. The plate falls as she serves and the noodles are on the ground. Avantika asks who is there. Ayesha asks him to hide, as she will scold if she sees them together. Avantika comes and asks whats this mess. Ayesha says noodles fell, I was hungry. Their heads bumps. Ayesha asks will you have it. Avantika says clean it now. She leaves. Adi asks why did you hide me.

Ayesha gives him noodles and they eat together from one plate. Pyaar nai dosti hai…………….plays………… She looks at him. He says really nice. Pyaar ka dard hai meetha meetha pyara pyara ……………plays………… She smiles seeing him having noodles like a small kid. Bau ji calls Adi and says I invited Nani too, but she can’t come. Adi says I m coming. Bau ji asks about Ayesha. Adi says I will come. Bau ji says fine and ends the call. Adi tells Ayesha that he is going Kullu, for Pankhudi’s trust. Ayesha says he should have asked me whether I want to come or not.

Ayesha packs her bag and tells Pankhudi about the trust opening on her name and she will also go. Adi says he is going Kullu. She asks will you not get bored. He says no, come out, I have to share something with family. Rubel gives the cheque to Payal and she is glad. Sheela takes the cheque and says I will keep it. Sheela asks Avantika to give it to Payal by her hands. Avantika says congrats Payal, I m sure you will use this well. Adi comes with Ayesha and says I decided I will fulfill Ayesha’s dream, I will invest in her store. Everyone is shocked.

Adi defends Ayesha. Avantika says fine, we will find it out if Adi wants. Sheela gets tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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