Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 25th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 25th January 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 25th January 2013 Written Update

Episode stats with Nana saying he is having trouble believing in the words of Preeti till now and says he doesn’t know why this was a secret, and asks Avantika to go to court as well

Mami says she is believing Preeti but now why she kept this thing a secret and says it was a bit awkward Preety leaves DM Mansion

Sheila Mami thinks that Kailash is coming and so now drama will gear up and bound to be enormous when Kailash comes here She vows to break PaYa relation and separate PaYa anyhow so that she & Anuj can rule over the DM Mansion

Nana is upset and doesn’t take food, Sheila Mami rejoice and says this is just beginning and she will make everyone suffer more

Latika meets Rubel and says how come he is early and didn’t stay in Singapore for 3 months.

Rubel says he is early because of all these happenings in house and also says now drama will start and says many things are yet to happen (maybe he is intimated by his mother)

Kailash says he had reservations as to how will Preeti react on seeing him after so many days and says Preeti might fall ill, but PaYa reassures him

PaYa searches for Preeti Maasi everywhere and later find her lying after taking sleeping pills, Pankuri asks Adi to call doctor immediately and herself informs Nana that Preeti tried to commit suicide

Doctors come and inform that there is no need to worry as Preeti consumed pills which have low power and so the pills didn’t do much harm She will be fine soon.

Avantika and Harish were in court and they were finalizing the divorce when Avantika gets a call from Nana that Preeti tried to commit suicide and now doctor is attending her, so she had to rush back accompanied by Harish.

In car, at first, Avantika accuses Harish of sending a fake letter to stall the divorce and says he is responsible for this sad state of affairs now Harish doesn’t understand anything and says what, where and all, Avantika tells the matter in details and Harish is totally shocked says how can Kailash even think of doing all these says he will teach Kailash a lesson Avantika still doesn’t believe Harish and says please don’t act now and accuse him of writing the letter, Harish shuts her up

At Preeti’s apartment, Kailash asks Pankuri how is Preeti, Pankuri says her condition is stable and improving, as stated by doctors. Kailash says how all did this happen and why Preeti was about to commit suicide, Pankuri is puzzled as well and states that she was wandering about the same as to what reason prompted Preeti Maasi to take this extreme step. Kailash now blames himself over the sorry state of affairs and Preeti’s condition, Pankuri consoles him, asks him not to blame himself and says soon Preeti Maasi will be all right according to doctors. Kailash is still sad and says now he is not even in a position to ask for forgiveness and asking apology will matter little in the current scenario

Meanwhile doctors prescribe medicines for Preeti Maasi and Kailash offers help, says he will get them and Nana too comes now, thinks Kailash to be a neighbor of Preeti (where Preeti currently stays) and Sheila Mami too think the same and says this is not Kailash as she had seen Kailash in kullu. She got confused now

Meanwhile at the apartment, Nana blames himself over what has happened and says Preeti did all these because he told her harsh words in morning, PaYa consoles him and takes him outside the hospital to give him some much needed comfort Adi says he will inform Mom (Avantika) but Nana says he already informed her long before as today she was in court finalizing the divorce PaYa gets disheartened on learning about the divorce

PaYa in talks about how to stall the divorce proceedings and how to turn the tide in their favor such that HarTika do not divorce and Adi doesn’t have to endure heartbreak. Adi says all is lost now but Pankuri still rekindles hopes in him and boost his confidence by saying Everything will be all right and Adi will only set everything all right

Finally Kailash brings in the medicines, and Sheila Mami was asking Anuj to pay him for the medicines and thanks him for helping them. Kailash says payment is not needed and was going away when Sheila calls him from back shouting Kailash Bhaaisaab Kailash looks back shocked and stunned

Harish accuses Kailash and holds him responsible for the sad state of affairs at the house and ruined state of mind of Preeti Maasi Pankuri takes Kailash’s side and says she doesn’t know him for over 2 days but she know him right from childhood. Harish is shocked and thinks Avantika will misunderstand Pankuri now for taking a stand with Kailash and PaYa relation will suffer

Update Credit to: SAIBALROUTH

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